What causes Breasts Sag – Preventing the Impending Doom

Breast sagging is one of the most common problems faced by women. In fact, women’s breasts will sag at a certain age. This is intimidating but a truth that one must be aware about. Breast sagging is reasonable as the milk glands have a tendency to shrink. This leaves a significant about of space in the skin covering the breast.

Technically referred to as ‘breast engorgement’, the sagging of breasts may also be caused due to a drastic change in the body. Here, the fat in the breast is reduced. And every time, space in skin covering the breast is not responsible for the condition.

Sagging breasts are definitely not beautiful. Since women are less aware of the importance of breast care, such problems exist. Many women do not know what kind of bra is good for them. In fact, most of them are wearing the wrong type of bra all the time.

Listed below are some of the major causes of sagging breasts:

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding
Breast size tends to grow during pregnancy and gestational age. Breast enlargement also creates mass increase. This is also the reason that breasts pull down.
Some women have too large breasts and shaken ones. This is quite similar to the case of nursing mothers. Breast mass affects the gravitational pull. This means greater the mass, the greater is the gravitational force. This is the case, especially if the breast is always shaken. Athletes face this problem.
No Buffer
There is no buffer. You need to make yourself acquainted with the fact that no bra will lead to the slack, especially when it is about relatively large breast size.
Bad Habits
Sleep on sides can make breasts sag. This can be explained well by the theory of gravity. Side sleeping offers no support to breast at all. It is just the bra that supports breasts while you sleep. In contrast, it is always wise to sleep on your back. Since the breasts are supported by the body, there are fewer chances of breasts sagging.
Some of the health conditions such as TB (tuberculosis) or breast cancer can result in a small, loose, or fall. This is due to the malignant cells and the virus that result in the damages various body organs.
Lack of Nutrition
This is the least known and discussed causes of sagging breasts. Researchers feel that consumption of nutritious food is very useful in tightening the skin. In fact, it is one of the most important factors of keeping skin young and beautiful forever. Certain diseases such as tuberculosis or cancer may lead to lack of nutrition. Some of the foods such as soy milk, cabbage, soybeans, and garlic are the best options for preventing breast cancer.
Harsh Treatment
It is important that you treat every part of your body gently, especially breast. Harsh treatment such as wringing too strong will disturb its natural look. Also you need to use a bra that does not pressed or squeeze the breasts too much.
The Wrong Bra
It is sad but true that most women wear the wrong bra. Some wear a bra that is too small for their breasts or too large. Some of the brassiere are not made with good ingredients and cause disturbances with the breasts. As a result, breasts may become loose and fall.


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