Coping with Migraine Attack

Migraine attacks aren’t easy to handle. Those who have suffered from migraines would narrate the horror stories of how a headache can be so severe to hamper all kinds of daily activities. You may be surprised to know that migraine attack can completely incapacitate an individual for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the real cause of migraine attack is yet to be discovered.

Understanding Migraine

Specialist in the field of headache medicines explains that the problem of migraine headaches occurs in those with a ‘ready’ brain condition. This is precisely a condition marked by the hyper brain excitability. This condition is genetically inherited. The specialists feel that ‘ready’ brain is influenced by triggers including lifestyle errors and environmental problems. This leads to a severe headache with noticeably recognisable features occur. This headache is referred to as migraine.

Causes of Migraine

The triggers that cause migraine include heat, increased humidity, high intensity light, changes in weather conditions. Certain factors such as skipping breakfast, fasting, consumption of specific types of chocolates, red wines, cheese, fermented foods, foods Chinese food, colas etc. can trigger migraine.

Many other factors such as improper sleep, skipping meals, extreme light/sound, and can also trigger migraine. According to a report by neurosurgeons, the causes of migraine are both vascular and neural influences specifically in a genetically vulnerable individual. It is however, not easy for people to identify exact triggers of migraine.

Symptoms of Migraine

Migraine builds up gradually. Soon it develops into a severe pain that may affect one side or both the sides of the brain. It is a pulsating/throbbing kind of pain that increases in intensity. One may even feel nauseated and vomits.

The patient feels uneasy in bright light and loud sounds. Many feel better after sleeping and prefer taking rest in a dark and silent room. Migraine may also be episodic and can get recurrent. Many experience attacks in 15 days and more. This is also a condition of Chronic Migraine. It can last anywhere between four to 24 hours.

A regular sufferer can easily identify the onset of migraine attack. They feel uneasy, low and sad, stiffness in neck, and fatigued.

Prevention and Treatment

Preventing migraine is possible when one identifies trigger. If the pain occurs once or twice in a week, medicines such as Triptan can be taken after consulting a headache specialist. Strictly avoid taking pain killers on a regular basis and without consulting a doctor.

Many doctors even prescribe preventative medicines such as Beta blockers. They can be taken on a daily basis (upon consultation) to manage migraines.

Eating carbohydrate-rich, sumptuous breakfast daily and avoiding fermented foods can help with migraine attacks.


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