Most Dangerous Foods for Health

With so much that has been said and written about what to eat in order to keep oneself in healthy state, let’s focus on foods that we should never eat.

Processed Breads

Processed breads with loads of preservatives in it are devoid of necessary nutrients are not good for you. They just add body fat. Read food labels carefully before buying these products.

Canned Soups

These are delectable and easy to satisfy hunger. However, these are loaded with sodium and are really harmful for those with high blood pressure and heart disease. Did you know a small can of condensed soup may comprise of more than the actual amount of salt you are recommended to eat in an entire day?


They sound too good. However, the frozen offerings are terrible! A single slice consists of about 29 grams of saturated fat.

Artificial Sweeteners

In small doses (think: one teaspoon per serving), sugar is totally fine. But it gets a little dicey when you have too many artificial sweeteners. Here’s the deal: Sweeteners are way, um, sweeter than sugar, and they can reset your taste buds to crave sugary foods. As a result, you end up eating more junk. Plus, people who limit their artificial sweetener use find that they have more energy, and don’t have as many cravings.

Fast Food French Fries

Strictly avoid French fries. They contain 25 grams of fat and 540 calories!!!

Diet Foods

The terms “diet” or “low-fat” doesn’t mean low-calorie. All of the diet bars and low-fat foods available on the market such as yogurts consist of more sugar, salt, and unhealthy fillers. These are added to make them taste good. And we tend to eat double the serving we should because they don’t satisfy the appetite and we think they’re healthy!!!

Soy Protein Isolate

All soy isn’t bad, but the isolate (a refined, often genetically-modified form of soy that pops up in a lot of soy-based products) resembles estrogen, which is iffy—some research has shown that it can increase the risk of cancers and infertility in women. If you want to go vegetarian, opt for veggie burgers with quinoa, chickpeas, or black beans as a base, and eat protein bars that are based on nuts and seeds. And for meat subs, go for beans, nuts, seeds, nut butters, and natural sources of soy like edamame, tofu, and tempeh.

Diet soft drinks

Most people don’t know that in order to replace the sugary-taste of normal soft drinks, diet soft drinks are loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. These are bad for your body. According to a research, it has been proved that people who drink diet soft drinks regularly are more vulnerable to problems with metabolism and weight-gain. They can also lead to other health problems such as headaches, joint pain, cancer, digestive problems, chemical toxicity etc.


Recently, sprouts have been linked to a number of outbreaks of food-borne illness. These foods contain high amounts of harmful toxins as they are easily contaminated. The moist, warm conditions in which they are grown give a perfect playground for bacteria to multiply. Hence, if you should have sprouts, cook them to kill off any nasty bacteria.

Microwave popcorn

Did you know the chemicals making up the lining of microwave popcorn bags have been correlated to sterility in humans, along with other health problems such as cancers of testicles, liver, and pancreatic cancer. The warmth of the microwave works towards absorption of chemicals to your popcorn. So prepare popcorns the old fashioned way.


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I am sure there are more that could be on the list. Candy?


What do u think of our bouvrage berry juices from a health point of view? Just pure berry juices (50%) with water & 4% sugar


What are sprouts? I assume Brussels Sprouts are good as they are supposed to be a super food.
Pity about the microwave popcorn - think anything cooked in a microwave in plastic is a question mark. If in doubt - leave it out.

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