Dengue in Children – Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention

The dengue menace is everywhere in India this monsoon. The disease spreads through virus of a female mosquito Aides Aegypti. It inserts the virus in the human body during its bite. The mosquito is very dangerous for the kids. Dengue usually causes high fever and skin rashes. These rashes last for 10 days. In serious cases it can result in liver failure and bleeding that may even lead to death. Risk of dengue can be reduced through proper cleaning and removing of stagnant water that attracts the mosquitoes.

Symptoms of Dengue in Children

Some of the most common symptoms of dengue in children include high fever, cough, running nose and skin rashes. Other symptoms can be pain around the eyes, vomiting, joints pain, itching, nausea, and even headache.

In case, you notice any of the mentioned symptoms in children, then it is crucial to consult with the doctor immediately. In most of the cases, dengue and Chikungunya show similar symptoms. Simple blood test may confirm the problem.

Many effective treatments are available for treating dengue immediately. Doctor usually recommend anti inflammatory drugs, nourishing food and proper rest for best treatment. Try placing a wet cloth on child’s forehead for controlling fever.

Reducing Chances of Dengue in Children

It is not possible to prevent the chances of dengue completely but can be reduced to a great extent through proper care. Stagnant water is known to be the biggest reason for the dengue. It increases number of viruses. You should be extra careful in the monsoon season because it can be dangerous for you and your baby.

Stated below are some effective solutions for minimizing the chances of dengue in kids:

  • Make your child wear full sleeved clothes during monsoon.
  • The clothes used should be of light shade clothes to avoid attracting mosquitoes.
  • Sprays and oil based creams are good for protecting skin from mosquitoes.
  • Use net for keeping away the mosquitoes from your baby.
  • Air conditioners are also good for reducing the chances of dengue in kids.
  • You can also use mosquito nets on windows for protecting your family.

The Treatment

Dengue cures itself with time. For quick healing, the child needs supportive care. Use Paracetamol for controlling the high fever under doctor’s guidance. Increase intake of fluids.


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