Do you Drink and Walk? The Dangers Post a Few Sips

It is official and you know drinking and driving don’t go together. The magazines, law authorities, friends, family, and every single soul around stop you from driving after a few drinks.

What to do?

Most people believe that an alternative will make for the best and safest decision. Unfortunately, the alternative chosen is often the most dangerous one.

Walking while Intoxicated

Walking home drunk is definitely not a safer alternative. It results in dangerous situations.

Why walking drunk isn’t safe?

Drinking impairs one’s capacity to make smart decisions especially about personal safety. According to studies and research, it has been proved that alcohol can impair pedestrians’ judgment and even lead them to make bad decisions. This is also the reason many are seen crossing a road in the wrong place or even crossing against the light under alcohol influence. Many people are even seen trying to beat a bus that’s approaching which is the most dangerous act.

I just had a few sips!

This is what most of us think! However, one can get alcohol impaired with just a few drinks. Intoxication is certainly not about getting sloppy drunk and falling over. In fact, it is just that you’re above .08!!!

Experts warn people against walking home drunk because of increasing cases of distracted walking. A number of studies show that people talking on their mobile phones while walking are also at risk.

Walking even a mile drunk is very risky.  It is as risky as drunk driving. You may not realize that a vehicle is just about to hit you or when you may trip down on the road.

Did you know?

To put it in simple words, if you require walking about a mile from a party to your home, you’re more vulnerable to die as compared to if you jump into the car and ask a driver or one of your friends to go behind the wheel and drive that same mile!

What to do?

  • If you see your friend walking drunk, assist him.
  • Help your friend reach his car safe.
  • Avoid walking home drunk as far as possible.
  • Call for a cab.
  • Ask your friend or known one to pick you up and drive home safe.

So don’t risk it—take a cab or have a friend help you get home safely.


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