Do’s & Don’ts during Pregnancy

One of the greatest joys in a woman’s life is to give birth to a baby. However, this phase in her life comes with many problems and transitions wherein she has to go through emotional and physical changes. This is also a period when women need to take precautions in order to ensure safe delivery.

Here are some important guidelines for mothers to be. Following these guidelines will alleviate some of these major fears and doubts:

Do’s of Pregnancy

The Diet

You should focus on light and nutritious food. It is recommended to go for a mixed diet that comprises of cheese, eggs, milk, butter, cereals, vegetables, and whole grain bread. The diet can also be supplemented by grapes, and tomatoes. You may even include meat and liver to ensure a non-veg. diet. The quantity of fluids and common salt should be strictly controlled. You should not believe on the old saying that a pregnant woman should eat for two.

Breast Care

During the later weeks of pregnancy, women should take special care about washing the nipples with soap and water and drawing out. One should also attend to any cracks with proper emollient.


Women can carry ordinary household duties throughout the term. A daily walk in the open air, right through the pregnancy is of great value.


One should emphasise on wearing loose, comfortable clothes. Undergarments should be preferably made of cotton. You need to avoid synthetic materials.

Bathing Ritual

Have a bath daily. Strictly avoid vaginal douching.


Take special care to get in touch with your gynaecologist to consult especially if the bowel movement is not regular. You should take special care to keep bowels regular. Also take plenty of fluids along with a diet containing leafy vegetables.

Don’ts of Pregnancy


Strictly avoid aggressive exercise such as skating, riding, cycling, swimming, and any form of exercise which is unduly tiring should be completely avoided.

It is not recommended to undertake long automobile journeys especially on bad roads (avoid jerks).


You should not wear tight and close fitting garments. Also avoid wearing high heeled shoes.


Tub baths are not advisable as they can invite vaginal infections.


You should not go for any kind of medication or X-Ray test unless advised by your gynaecologist.


With reports of repeated abortions of premature deliveries and uterine bleeding during pregnancy, it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Alcohol and Smoking

Both alcohol and smoking should be avoided during pregnancy.

General Advice

Please consult your Gynaecologist immediately in case you notice any of the following symptoms:

• Continuous headache

• Bleeding regardless of whatever the cause is

• Painful contractions of the uterus

• Undue swelling in lower extremities

• Rupture of the bag of membranes (leaking)

• Dimness of vision

• Cramps in the legs



This is unbelievable that someone in 2013 advises against sex during pregnancy? Oh my word! How can u publish this!

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