Effective Tips to Treat Backaches – Fighting Pain at Home

Backache is one of the most common problems among women, these days. Although one can suffer from backache at any age, age group between 35 and 55 years is known to be the most vulnerable for backache. In case, you are suffering from mild to moderate and severe backache for a significant period of time, then it is advised that to speak to a health care practitioner. He will diagnose the problem and give you advice on the same. Although backache is not a major health problem, it can cause a lot of pain and make you feel very uncomfortable. The idea is to take precautions because it is too late.

Listed below are some of the most effective home remedies for backache relief:


Proper exercises are important for preventing and reducing backaches. Try indulging in swimming; jogging, and walking. This will give strength to your muscles to support your back. Some of the best exercises you can follow to strengthen back muscles include the following listed below:

  • Wall sliding exercise
  • Leg raising exercises
  • Bottom lifts

Practise Correct Standing Posture

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the correct posture of standing. This may trigger backache. Hence, it is crucial to practice appropriate standing posture which is actually standing upright with head facing forward. You need to pay attention on keeping back straight. It is also very important for the legs and the feet to be perfectly straight when you stand.

Practise Correct Sitting Posture

Most people spend their time on bed working on laptops, playing games, taking over phone, and watching television. Working on computers for long hours also has adverse effect on back. Hence, it is crucial to maintain an appropriate sitting posture to avoid backaches. Make sure you sit upright and provide adequate support to your back while sitting. Take special care that your hips and the knees are in level and the feet are flat on the ground.

Sleeping Posture

Proper sleeping posture will keep you from developing backaches when you get up in the morning. This is one of the most effective of all home remedies. Take care that you sleep straight and change positions through night. Bundling up your body into a coil or following inappropriate positions while sleeping will cause backaches.


There are Make sure that you use a mattress that is hard enough to support your body. The mattress should be capable of providing adequate support to your spine and back region. It should also support your buttocks and shoulders. In case, you are using soft mattress, it is crucial to place a hard board on the top of the bed and under the mattress. This will give firm support to your back support. Also support your head with a pillow that doesn’t force your neck to a sharp angle.

Ice Packs

This is ideal for pain that persists for more than 24 hours. This will prevent inflammation from occurring due to back injury and also prevent nerves from carrying pain signals to the brain. You can place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply it on the affected area with a thin towel. Leave the pack for about 20 minutes and then take it off for half an hour. Place it again for another 20 minutes. This helps in reducing inflammation and pain.

Moving Heavy Objects

Make sure that you only push things to the desired position. Pulling heavy objects to its position will put stress on your back.

Increase Sleep

Excess stress and strain and lack of sleep are known to be the major causes of mild to moderate backaches. It is better for you to get sufficient rest at nights. This will relax your back muscles. One best ways to reduce back spasms is to lie with your side on the bed. You need to take care that knees are loosened and place a pillow between legs. In case, you are interested in lie on your back, it is good to place pillows under your knees. This will reduce back ache.

Relaxation and Yoga

You may not be aware but muscles in your body tend to tighten up when you face emotional stress and strain. The best way to get rid of this problem is to practice yoga and relaxation techniques. You can practise meditation and deep breathing exercises to relax your body. Mild yoga exercises are good for your lower back.

Use of Garlic

Consuming two or three cloves of garlic on empty stomach will give you relief from backaches. Also try boiling garlic in oil and then use it to massage the stiffer back areas. Increasing the quantity of garlic in your foods will help preventing backaches.

Back Massage Therapies

It is good to go for soothing massages on the affected area. This will relive stiffness on the back. Ask your friend or spouse to slowly knead your back muscles. This is a sure shot remedy for mild backaches. Also try going for herbal oil massage therapy for backache. Eucalyptus oil or almond oil has a soothing effect. First, you need to warm the oil and use it to massage back areas; precisely where you feel stress or strain. Make sure that you massage the area gently. This will help the muscles to relax. Following this remedy on a regular basis will give you long term relief from backache.

Hot Bath

This is an effective remedy for those from persistent backache for about 2-3 days. You can soak your body in a tub of hot water. Stay in the tub for 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow you to improve elasticity of muscles within the body and minimize stiffness in lower back area.

Shed those Extra Pounds

Obesity can lead to backache. Hence, it is crucial to cut down on oily and processed foods. You should also focus on intakes of fruits and vegetables to reduce your weight. As soon as you reduce your body weight, the backache will be relieved.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Most of the time, backaches occur due to improper lifting of objects. Hence, you should give more stress on your knees and legs when you lift weights. Strictly avoid lifting heavy objects by stressing your back. Lifting weights close to your body will prevent it from hurting back area.

Wearing Right Shoes

Shoes play an important role in providing comfort to your feet and back. Flip flops, flat and thin soled shoes can increase back pain. Hence, you must buy shoes that offer arch support. The shoes should also have soft or rubber material under the heels. This allows sole to absorb shock while walking and running.


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