Fighting Lack of Concentration

Loss of concentration is one of the most common health problems people, these days. This can be a serious medical problem or due to lifestyle habits. Sometimes, we do a lot of things together such as working on a computer and watching TV at the same time. Many of us think of hundreds of things while cooking food or strolling in the park. This leads of lack of concentration.

Luckily, there are certain things you can do to enhance concentration power. Here are some simple yet helpful tips to fight lack of concentration:


Sleep deprivation can result in lack of concentration. It is important to get a good night of sleep to prevent loss of concentration. Getting tired makes it hard to concentrate. If you experience sleep problems, speak to your psychiatrist about your sleeping problems. He will determine the best option for you to sleep well.

A Strategy

As soon as you find yourself getting distracted, yell “Stop!”. You may do it aloud or in your mind. Thereafter, guide yourself back to the activity that demands your concentration. You must to do this at least hundreds of times. This is the best way to improve concentration.


In case, you are unable to concentrate, caffeine may work. It claims to help you stay awake. Resist the temptation. Limit your intake (2 cups in a day).

No Medication

Strictly avoid taking over the counter medications to boost concentration of staying awake.

Vitamin B

Include vitamin B in your diet to fight your loss of concentration during the day. Vitamin B allows you to stimulate energy as it also enhances your focus and awareness for work or school. Include a lot of dairy products, flours, meats, cereals, etc.

Remove Sources of Distraction

If you are in the middle of a task that demands your attention, eliminate the sources of distraction. Turn off televisions and radios as these can be very distracting when trying to concentrate.


This is one of the most effective ways to enhance concentration. You need to learn how to meditate to be able to concentrate on almost anything. Meditation will help you block out everything around you and focus.

One Task at a Time

Pick one task and concentrate on it until it is complete.  This is the best way to enhance concentration.


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