Good Health Habits that can Prevent Migraine Attacks

Migraine attacks can make your life a living hell. These are extremely painful and won’t go without popping a pill or sleeping for about 6-7 hours at stretch. This may be experienced by anyone. Migraine is a health problem faced by over 10 per cent of the world population.

So how to prevent this nearly tormenting attacks naturally?

You need to inculcate some healthy habits in your lifestyle in order to cure migraine headaches. According to a number of studies, it has been proved that a good and healthy diet can cure migraines naturally. Listed below are a few healthy habits that can prevent migraines:

Have Meals on Time

Skipping meals can be dangerous especially if you are vulnerable to migraine attacks. This is an unhealthy habit in a number of ways. In case, you suffer from migraines, strictly avoid making the mistake of skipping meals. This may help you lose some amount of body fat but will end up increasing blood sugar levels. This is the major trigger factor for migraines.

Play a Sport

A healthy body produces a healthy mind. In order to stay fit and active, you should exercise regularly. This helps in preventing migraine attacks.

Adequate Sleep Daily

Too much sleep or sleep deprivation can affect your health. Hence, you need to enjoy adequate sleep enough to prevent migraine headaches. The daily recommended sleep for adults is anywhere between 6-7 hours. So make sure you get ideal dose of sleep daily without fail.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Now

This is a crucial factor to consider. Smoking or drinking alcohol can increase intensity and frequency of migraine attacks. Understand that smoking doesn’t really help with headaches. Nicotine ingestion in the body may lead to inflammation in the throat and lungs. Apart from this problem, nicotine will also make you addicted. Alcohol contains tyramine. It triggers migraine attacks. When consumed in excess, alcohol will lead to headaches. This is also one of the reasons for motion sickness.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you fight off migraine attacks. These tips will also help prevent recurrent attacks.

Daily Migraine Prevention Habits at a Glance

  • Never skip a meal
  • Eat on time daily
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Stay active
  • Play a sport
  • Quit smoking (say no to nicotine)
  • Quit alcohol


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