Habits that Prevents a Heart Attack

Lifestyle choices can prevent heart attack! Yes, it is time to take a moment and assess your lifestyle. You need to incorporate a heart-friendly lifestyle before expecting results.  Preventing a heart disease needs close attention to a number of aspects of your life. Hence, you must consider the following heart healthy habits and strengthen your heart’s immunity to common ailments:

Heart Healthy Habit 1: Regular Workout

Did you know your heart is a muscle? Just as other muscles in your body, heart needs to be worked regularly to enhance strength and health. You should aim for at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercises on a weekly basis. These are also known as heart pumping exercises. It is important to keep track of activities on a calendar. Also include strength training exercises at least twice a week. Once in a week, you must include a relaxing exercise such as yoga and tai chi.

Heart Healthy Habit 2: Love Fruits and Veggies

You must fill half of your plate with colourful fruits and vegetables. Before every meal, eat a fruit or salad. Eight servings of veggies and fruits daily minimize the risk of death from heart disease by about 22%. Don’t worry, eight servings need to be in smaller portions. For instance, you can keep a fruit on your work desk and include a veggie soup or a colourful salad in your lunch. For dinner, include a small bowl of steamed veggies and a plateful of salad. Also include a cup of frozen yogurt with fruits for dessert.

Heart Healthy Habit 3: Add Colour to your Food

Fresh vegetables and fruits are cardio-protective due to bioactive plant chemicals (anti-oxidants) they come loaded with. These chemicals protect blood vessels and arteries from the damaging effects of high cholesterol. It also protects heart from high blood pressure and high blood glucose. So make sure you include red, orange, purple, green, white and brown colours to your meals every day.

Heart Healthy Habit 4: Give Up Smoking

Smoking (even if it is second hand smoke) increases LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and reduces HDL (good) cholesterol. It also increases tendency of blood to clot.

Heart Healthy Habit 5: Lose Weight

Being overweight increases risk of dying from heart attack! Hence, you must focus on dropping 10 to 20 pounds will lower risk of dying from heart attack by about 16 per cent. Obesity increases cholesterol and blood pressure. These health conditions are actually the precursors to coronary disease.

Heart Healthy Habit 6: Focus on Water Intake

Drinking at least 5 glasses of water daily will reduce your risk of suffering from a fatal heart attack. Water tends to dilute the blood and decrease its tendency to clot.

Heart Healthy Habit 7: Speak to your Doctor

Ask your doctor to prescribe preventative supplements such as aspirin and vitamin e. These antioxidants and blood thinner will reduce the plaque in clogged arteries by over 80%.

Heart Healthy Habit 8: Cereals for Breakfast

Cornflakes contain highest concentrations of folate of a cold cereal. This cuts your risk of cardiovascular disease by about 13 per cent. Folate is capable of reducing blood levels of artery-damaging homocysteine.


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