Health Benefits of Rose Tea

Rose tea, also known as or rose hip tea has many medicinal properties. It is derived from the fruit of the wild rose hip plant. With a unique tart flavour, the tea is refreshing and delicious to drink. Health benefits of rose tea include strengthening the digestive system, building a strong immune system, and the detoxification of the urinary tracts and kidneys.

Here are Some Other Benefits of Rose Tea

Cold and Flu

Rose hip tea comprises of high levels of vitamin C that facilitates body fight off colds and flu germs and viruses. Since rose hip fruit comprises of high vitamin C, it relieves cold and cough fast. Did you know, a single cup of fresh rose tea is equivalent to just about 50-60 citrus oranges?

Helps the Digestive System

Rose tea is rich in organic acids and the rich nutrient contents of rose hip tea. This facilitates strengthening of digestive tract and the stomach lining in order to help prevent digestive problems. It also helps in removing toxic wastes and substances in the small and large intestines. These benefits are known to help the body reinforce gastrointestinal functions and prevent or minimize symptoms of health conditions such as dysentery, diarrhea, constipation and gastroenteritis. The tea is also quite helpful in establishing and maintaining the intestinal bacterial flora in the digestive tract in order to help aid digestion.

Helps Urinary Tracts

Many medicinal properties of rose tea such as the ability to assist in the clearing of toxic nitrogenous wastes from the bladder and kidneys keep one healthy. These properties significantly reduce the potential risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Rose tea can also help in the removing blockage caused due to small-sized kidney stones present in the urinary tract. Depending on the condition and the method for brewing, you can benefit from 1-2 cups of rose tea. This will ensure you a lot of health benefits.

Promotes Mental Health

As per studies conducted and reports by a number of health magazines, it has been revealed that rose tea confer medicinal properties that tends to calm your central nervous system and help alleviate stress. It also ensures some relief for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders. Rose tea is also quite helpful for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, nervousness and insomnia. One or two cups of rose tea should offer you the best health benefits.


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