Home Remedies for Migraine Relief

There are many simple home remedies that can help you get relief from the most dreaded migraine attacks. These attacks are quite powerful and can lead to extreme discomfort for as long as 24 hours. Listed below are some easy home remedies that can help you get rid of pain and dizziness experienced due to migraine:

Cold Shower

Cold shower on top of the head instantly eases the throbbing pain of migraine headache. However, in case, the water is too cold, it may lead to worsen the pain.

Hot Shower

Hot shower on the neck sometimes help with the nauseating feeling. All you need to do is close the eye while taking the shower. This works towards increasing the effectiveness of the act.


Another useful migraine attack remedy is to have coffee before the migraine actually occurs. It helps in decreasing the effect of the migraine. It may also stop it from occurring. However, too much coffee during the migraine also leads to a nauseating feeling.

Dark Room

Try being in a dark quiet room. This also works towards easing the throbbing pain and dizziness during the migraine. This is one of the best ways to deal with migraine attacks. In fact, most people gave found that it really works being in a dark quite room. The remedy also works well for intense migraine attacks. Closing the eye and covering the eyelid with a cooling gel pack is also effective.

Ice Cold Coke

A bottle of ice cold coke will also help with the migraine pain right at the onset of the migraine. Make sure the drink really very cold.

Cold Compression

Cold compression on forehead will bring you a lot of relief. It works towards easing the throbbing sensation. It works best in a dark quiet room.

Massage on Temple

You need to give some pressure on temple to ease throbbing pain and the dizziness caused by migraine. However, make sure you keep doing it every few minute to increase the effectiveness.

Neck Icepacks

This works in a similar way as the cold compression on forehead. Since the neck part gets stiff during a migraine attack, neck packs are the best way to get proper relief.


Try applying some fresh mint juice or mint oil under the nose helps. This will help you relax.


Finally, there’s no cure better than a long sound sleep for migraine attack.


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