How about getting Flat Belly in Just 5 Easy Steps!

Sporting a flat belly is something most of us dream of. However, most of the time, we end up sporting a baby bump! But you are definitely not pregnant. So why should you settle for something that makes you look one? If the bump has become a routine in your life, then you may be a victim of the bloat.

Bloat is usually caused by gas or food in the belly or intestines. Bloating can keep you from getting into your favourite skinny jeans. Don’t worry. There are many ways to stop bloating. The tricks mentioned below can even help you get a flatter belly, fast (really FAST!).


Health experts at Food Fitness  Life Love have researched and found that overeating is the major reason for bloating. Hence, it is crucial to reduce your food intake. Now it is also important to maintain a balance between reducing food intake and feeling full. The best thing you can do is to chew slowly. You should take your time and relish each meal. Remember that your tummy will send signals to your brain the moment it’s satisfied. However, these messages may take up to 20 minutes to actually work. So eating less for a long time is good instead of forcing down food through throat quickly.

Get Friendly with Fiber

Fiber is crucial to maintain a clean colon. It will also keep the stomach bloat-free. Introduce it to your diet at a slow pace. About 14 extra grams per one thousand calories on a daily basis is enough. Eating too much of fiber too soon can disturb digestion and cause gas bloating.


Have a lot of water to keep nasty gases away from your stomach.

The Probiotic Trick

Sometimes, bacterial imbalance may cause persistent bloating. Hence, it is important to go for a probiotic diet regularly. This can alleviate the problem.

Work Out

So you’ve had a plate full of spicy gaseous vegetable. To avoid the gas from accumulating in your stomach, you should deflate it fast. Indulging in twenty minutes of gentle exercise will definitely help. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, it has been reported that pedalling in a reclining position after eating a meal helped emptying guts faster. But take special care of performing this mini exercise in private as it may cause embarrassing gas expulsion.



absolutely right Miriam! water is a great remedy to get rid of every kind health problem. so drink lots and lots of water to stay healthy.


Water is one great key towards losing weight. It is very advantage for us to always drink water, it will not only rehydrate us always but also we can avoid eating in no time, in fact if we drink water within a meal, it can help us to eat less as it can make us feel full.

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