How to Massage a New Born Baby

Massaging baby is very important as it facilitates growth and development of baby. Additionally, massaging improves the bonding between the newborn baby and mother. Massaging a newborn baby is very beneficial for emotional and physical development. It also strengthens the inner systems of the baby. It strengthens the muscles and bones and enhances emotional bonding between the mother and the child. It calms baby down and helps him relax which makes the baby sleep well.

It is said that babies who are massaged regularly have a tendency to gain more weight and were found more energetic and alert. The skin to skin touch of the mother and the baby soothes and helps get help from gas or colic problems. There are many things that you must keep in mind when giving a massage to your baby to ensure complete growth and development from within.

When to Massage

Timing is also very crucial. It should suit you and the baby too. Avoid massaging when the infant is full or very hungry. Always give a gap of 1 1/2 hours after the feeding. Baby can be fed soon after massage.

Holding Baby for a Massage

The most favourable position for massaging your baby is to lay him on your lap while sitting on the floor or on the bed. You must make the baby comfortable first. Also put a towel or a thick cloth on your lap. This will avoid your dress getting spoiled by the oil. You can even sing or talk to your child while giving him the massage strokes for better bonding.

Make your Baby Comfortable

Both you and your newborn baby should be comfortable at the time of massage. As soon as you feel the baby is not comfortable, stop and check everything before proceeding.

The Massage Technique

The massage strokes given to the baby are different from that to adults. You need to be gentle and massage slowly. Light pressure with palms should be given on the body of the newborn.

The best way to do massage is to start the back side of the baby first and then turn him gently to massage his front side. Then massage legs to help the child feel relaxed and relieved. Moderate kneading on the shoulder muscles will also help.

Start with gentle strokes first and increase slowly with pressure at regular intervals. All you need to do is keep in mind the comfort of your baby. This will solve the purpose completely. As soon as start massaging regularly, the child’s health and weight on the whole improves.

General Tips

  • Make strokes gentle but firm.
  • The massage should not be ticklish for the baby.
  • Understand baby’s signals about when to stop.
  • A massage can last 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on baby’s moods.


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