Incredible Health Benefits of Pure Honey

The entire world is switching over to honey. Celebrities have been recommending it over sugar and the internet is loaded with articles appreciating the miraculous properties of this sweet tempting liquid available in glass bottles. But is it the kind of honey that you should be using? What honey is actually good for health (we’ll discuss it later in our next article) and how to choose one?

Well, when it comes to benefitting from the miraculous properties of honey, it is important that you focus on buying the least processed natural variety. In short, your hard earned cash should be invested in Pure Honey. Why? Read on to know about some incredible benefits of

What is Pure Honey?

This is the least processed version of honey that does not contain ‘additives’. If you buy a bottle of honey, read the label. If you don’t find any mention of ‘additives’, buy it.

The Benefits

Germ Free

Pure honey is germ free and possesses many healing properties.


Pure honey has antiseptic qualities. This is also the reason many historians have agreed that almost all of the Egyptian medicines contains pure honey.

Enhances Immunity

When taken regularly, pure honey tends to reduce susceptibility of body to infections and cures it too.

Healing Properties

Pure honey has healing properties and can be applied directly on open wounds, burns, blisters, irritations, pink eye, sores, and irritations of skin and scalp.


Pure honey is very effective in relieving a sore throat. You can chew honeycomb (avoid the ball) for best results.

No Cold

People who eat pure honey daily are less vulnerable to colds and seldom have the flu infection. You can enhance immunity via having at least a teaspoon thrice a day for best results.

Cough Syrup

Many doctors recommend honey as an effective honey syrup. For an effective home remedy, you can try mixing equal parts of lemon, pure honey, and whiskey.

Cures Hangover

Pure honey comprises of fructose. According to claims, fructose is a cure for hangover. Having 3 tablespoons is recommended for curing hangover.


Did you know pure honey is pre-digested? Yes, when eaten, simple sugars of pure honey are absorbed directly into bloodstream of body and provide instant energy.

Free of Bad Elements

Pure honey is fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free.

Pure honey has many other incredible benefits including weight loss, healthy glowing skin, thick glossy hair and much more.


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