Keep your Stomach Happy – Feed it Right

This is shocking but true that people are giving into fads that keep playing hide and seek in the health arena. But is your health worth it? Giving into the latest fad to experiment on your health is not wise. Unfortunately, with each new fad, we are torn between info we should believe and info we wish to. Here is list of top food fads that rule the modern world:

Diet Foods

Also referred to as dietary foodstuff, the category includes everything that that has been modified to hold fewer calories as compared to it normally would. The usual aim to include the diet into daily regime is to lose weight. The basic process of preparing a diet version of any food needs an acceptable low calorie substitute to a high-calorie ingredient. Here the consumer must live on low salt and sugar diet. The health boosting value is almost zero. These foods must not be considered as miracle-foods. The health quotient depends on the amount of chemicals, artificial flavour, trans fats, salt, sugar and refined flour they contain.

Probiotic foods

These days, you must have seen probiotic products being advertised and sold openly. In fact, most hoardings and advertisements have been vindicating the importance and benefits of probiotics. It is said that good depends on the 400 types of friendly, symbiotic bacteria present in the digestive tract. Any disturbance between good and bad bacteria can lead problems such as bloating, flatulence; intestinal toxicity, constipation, and poor absorption of nutrients arise. The probiotics are live microorganisms offering resembling beneficial micro-organisms found in the human gut. The healthy intestinal tract, fighting illness and disease capacity increases. Probiotics will also enhance immune system of your body.

Organic food

You must have seen most of the grocery chains stocking their shelves with organic foods. This means an entire organic foods section devoted to it. Unfortunately, you need to pay a lot in order to buy organic food. The diet is low on pesticide and non synthetic. However, it is important to understand that most products claiming to be organic may not be so. Hence, it is crucial that you double check it from sources before spending money.

Ready-to-eat meals

These are packaged and preserved foods available in packets meant to be heated and eaten. They are a good option during emergency but do not consist of health value. They have high amounts of stabilisers, preservatives, trans fats and salt. Hence, these foods must be avoided.


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