Low Fat Dinner Ideas for Weight Watchers!

On a weight loss mission? This is one of the most difficult of all tasks. The major reason behind this is inability of an individual to maintain a diet that reduces weight consistently. Dinner has a major impact on your overall diet plan. Hence, it should be the lightest.

So if you are all ready to reveal a new-you this holiday season and garner compliments, here are some health friendly low fat dinner ideas:


You knew it already but never tried to have these for dinner! Sandwiches are filling, healthy and low fat. The best thing about sandwich is that they combine all food groups into a single meal. You can either have vegetarian or non-vegetarian sandwiches depending upon your taste and preference. The idea is to play up with a variety of vegetables to make the sandwich more filling. Opt for whole or multigrain bread for best effects. Strictly stay away from refined flour (white) bread.

Pasta Sans Sauce

Pasta can make for a top dieter meal choice especially for professionals. It tastes good and is very easy to prepare. Try having pasta for dinner cooked in olive oil with a lot of vegetables. Avoid adding cream or sauce in it.

Roasted Vegetables

This is a wonderful option for vegetarians. Roasted vegetables are fun for dinner. This is a creative and tastier way to burn some calories at dinner. All you need to do is peel an onion, cut a few pieces of broccoli, sweet potato, garlic clove (2), and capsicum. Place them in a baking dish and sprinkle some olive oil with a dash of pepper and salt. Bake for about 20 minutes. Now you have a bowl full of delicious and nutritious dose of vegetables.

Salads for Dinner

When you are in no mood to prepare dinner, a plate full of salad is the best option. Toss up a healthy mix of bell peppers, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, and carrots. You may even add corn kernels, and chick peas to the salad. If you wish to make your salad more nutritious, add boiled or steamed shrimp, or low-fat cheese. Season the entire mix with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Toss it up well and your nutritious salad option is ready.

Weight Loss with Soups

Soups are certainly a healthy option for both lunch and dinner. It will make you feel fuller and ensures that you get the dose of nutrients you require and keep body pepped up all through the day. So try having a variety of soups including lentil soup, mixed vegetable soup, tomato soup, chicken soup, etc. Get creative while preparing these soups.

Now that you have a handful of ideas for dinner while on a mission to lose weight, it is time to include these in daily regime as per your convenience. These ideas will help you stay on track. All the best!


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