Married Couples and Sex – How Often Do Married Couples Really Have Sex?

Most people want to know how often couples have sex. Now, it is not possible to answer the question generally. The answer will depend on who you ask. There have been numerous polls and varied statistics.
Some of the findings suggest that married couples usually have sex about 68.5 times annually. As per study conducted on sexual practices in America by University of Chicago, it was revealed that around 32% of married couples have sex at least twice or thrice a week. Around 80% couples have sex a few times in a month whereas 47% have sex a few times in a month.

So in general, there is nothing that can be termed as ‘Normal’. Sex drive varies from person to person. A lot of factors play significant roles in this. These include lifestyle, work pressure, number of children in the family, class, background, health conditions etc.

Is the Relationship in Trouble?

According to sex therapists, couples having sex less than 10 times a year are having a sexless marriage. However, lack of sex is not an indication that your relationship is in trouble. Sex may be a way couples express their love and desire for each other. On the other hand, lack of sex does not mean a breakup is on the cards.

Many therapists have observed that couples who have stopped having sex tend to become vulnerable to negative feelings and activities such as infidelity, detachment, and anger. These feelings ultimately result in divorce.

Sex definitely matters. It can be defined as the glue that keeps couples together. Without this activity they can be termed as ‘good friends’ or simple ‘roommates’.

Syncing Sex Drives

There are a number of factors that should to fall into place in order to make sex desirable. Some couples may face problems involving difference in opinion. Some of the therapists believe that sex may not be the actual problem among couples. It is more about getting to the sex.

Sex drives among couples tend to drive out of balance. Here, one needs to focus on meeting somewhere in the middle. Willingness for sex among couples at any given point of time may not line up perfectly. The idea is to negotiate well. Sex and the frequency can be a problem in relationship. Compromise should be done under this case.

Bringing little change in lifestyle can bring significant changes in sex drive. For instance, you can team up with your partner for cooking meals, laundry work, cleaning, etc. Sex can become fun again! The focus should be on getting back on track. This will remind you of the beautiful moments you shared together in the past and how much you missed it.

This can start as scheduling sex and making enough time to make sex more intimate. You must hug each other every day. Start exercising regularly for increasing testosterone levels. Also turn off any distractions such as computer and TV.

In case, these measures don’t work, consider seeing a sex therapist and counselor. This will really help you and your partner sail on the same boat!

Quality vs. Quantity

It is all about quality than quantity. If both of you love sex and feel great after during and after the act, quantity doesn’t matter! Scheduling may seem robotic. Low quality sex should be considered seriously. Seek professional help. Do not get into the blame game. Couples should take accountability and contribute towards making things better.


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