Monsoon Health Care for Kids – Taming the Kids when it’s Raining Cats and Dogs

The monsoon brings relief from the tyrannical heat that extracts all the energy out of the body. Kids love rains and getting drenched in them. They jump into the puddles, sail crazy things on the water and enjoy the time of their life.

Unfortunately, rains also bring a host of health and safety woes for kids. Hence, it is important to take apt measures to keep kids safe during the monsoon. Here are some helpful monsoon health care tips for kids:

Kid Friendly Environment

  • Keep your home squeaky clean.
  • Use disinfectant for mopping the floor.
  • Fill in the puddles and get rid of stagnant water near home. These are potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Change the water for flower vases and indoor plants daily.
  • Leave windows open during the day to allow fresh air in.
  • Purify the environment via burning camphor and dry neem leaves.
  • Installing a dehumidifier to create a dry atmosphere at home.

Kids Personal Hygiene during Monsoon

  • Instruct your kids to stay away from stagnant and polluted water.
  • Kids should wash hands and feet thorough with soap and water after coming back home from school or a park.
  • Bathe the kids in warm/hot water and add anti-septic to their bath.
  • Towel dry the kid thoroughly. The kid should be dry between the toes.
  • Trim their nails and keep them clean.
  • Keep hair short.


  • Make sure the kids gave fresh food prepared at home.
  • Strictly avoid eating out, especially street food.
  • Do not allow your child to eat cut fruits or salads in a restaurant.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.
  • Give light and nutritious foods to your kids. The digestive system gets weak during monsoon. Hence, rich, spicy, food can create problems.
  • Encourage children to drink plenty of water to keep their body well hydrated.


  • Make your child wear warm clothes during monsoon. Keep arms and legs covered in order to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Get rid of damp inner clothes quickly.
  • Iron the clothes well in order remove the dampness.
  • Make sure the shoes and socks are dry and clean.

Happy Monsoon! Happy Parenting!


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