Overtraining and Side Effects – Don’t Rush into Weight Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight. This is good. It will help you stay fit and healthy. The only problem is when you attempt to lose weight too soon. This can create problems especially if you rush into things while exercising.

Most people tend to overtrain in a bid to lose weight quickly. This may look cool initially but over-exercising in a short span of time leads to adverse health effects on body. Hence, it is crucial to recognize your body signs indicating negative effects of exercise.

Most health experts feel that over-exercising or overtraining can lead severe health problems. So what are these effects? Listed below are some ways in which you can get affected by overtraining at the gym:

Enhanced Vulnerability to Injuries

Exercising excessively makes your body more prone to injuries. One of the most common side effects of exercising a lot is muscle soreness. Of course, your body needs exercise to lose weight. However, it also needs rest. Exercising a lot can lead to excess strain in ligaments and tendons. This is quite harmful for you as the situation puts your bones at risk of fractures. Additionally, exercising rigorously without break can damage your body tissues.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Anything in excess is harmful. Exercise is no exception. When you exercise a lot without break, you tend to lose muscle mass. The body also suffers from nutritional deficiency. Excess physical activity combined with dieting will curb your body’s requirement for nutrition. Dieting is another problem. This can have adverse effect on your overall health. So make sure you don’t overdo when you exercise. Initially, mild to moderate exercise is enough. Gradually, you can progress to strenuous exercise. Here, you should make sure the body gets adequate rest.

Over Exercising Leads to Eating Disorders

Studies have proved that people addicted to over exerting while exercising are prone to developing eating disorders. Some of the most common disorders related to over exercising include anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia affects those who over exercise as the major cause for the disorder are compulsive exercising.

Sluggish Immune System

You may be surprised at this but it is true that exercising a lot weakens your body’s immune system weakens. Once this happens, you get more vulnerable to colds and viruses. Exercise (over exercising) affects body and leaves it exhausted. To make the situation worse, your weakened immune system fails to kill bacteria or various illnesses caused.

Sleeping Disorders

This is a common problem with those who exercise a lot. This is because their body feels very tired, lethargic and drained out. They also face difficulties in sitting still. This is a situation where things seem heightened and the body suffers from pain all over due to excessive exercise.

Menstrual Cycle Cessation!

You may not have heard about this but studies have revealed that female athletes who indulge in extensive training easily suffer from loss of bone. This condition is referred to as ‘amenorrhea’. In case, the condition persists for a long time, then it may become very difficult to cure. Many other factors related to weight loss efforts such as dietary changes, stress, and excessive weight loss due to excessive exercise can lead to amenorrhea.


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