Remedies to get Rid of Monsoon Menace – Mosquitoes, Flies, and Nasty Bugs

The monsoon is definitely the harbinger of life. The rains bring with them a lot of greenery, happiness, and bloom. However, they also give birth to other forms of life that pose great dangers for life. This means that along with the rains, come ants, flies, mosquitoes, mice and bugs. These creatures can invade your home and even take over your kitchen.

It is crucial to get rid of these household pests during monsoon to stay healthy. There are plenty of natural ways you can get rid of household pests especially the more dangerous ones like ants and mosquitoes. Here’s how:


They carry germs and can make you ill, very ill. Here’s a sure fire way to get rid of them:

  • Eucalyptus Oil – Soak a piece of cloth or sponge in eucalyptus oil. Now place it in a jar. You should keep the jar open in the preferred room.
  • Basil House flies do not like the smell of tulsi/basil. You just need to keep basil plants near doorways and windows to get rid of flies. You can also use a pack of dried tulsi/basil leaves in a muslin pouch and place them in various rooms.
  • Camphor – This is another great deterrent for flies. All you need to do is light a few pieces of camphor to spread the fumes throughout the room.


  • Salt – Killing the fleas is important but most importantly, you need to eliminate the eggs. Sprinkle salt in corners and floors for nine days daily to get rid of flea and its egg.


The mosquito menace is everywhere especially during monsoon! You need to get rid of them to ensure you and your family is safe from fatal diseases such as dengue, chickengunia, malaria etc. Here’s how you can keep your home mosquito free:

Catnip The plant repels mosquitoes more effectively than any chemical spray. You should grow the herb in your garden. Applying catnip oil will keep mosquitoes away.

Beer Did you know mosquitoes are attracted to beer and beer drinkers? Place a few glasses and bowls of beer around the house and watch mosquitoes drown in them!

Fruit Flies – They are everywhere during the monsoon! The problem is that these are so tiny, that getting rid of them becomes very impossible. Here is how to get rid of these:

Apple Cider Vinegar In a glass mix 2-3 teaspoons of dish washing liquid to about half a glass of apple cider vinegar. Now place it on the table. The fruit flies will get attracted to this glass and drown in this mixture!


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