Salt and its Effects on Heart

Reducing salt in your diet can promote lower your blood pressure. Apart from this, low sodium diet may even risk for having a heart attack or stroke in an important way. As per the results obtained from a recent study, people are recommended eating a low-sodium diet. The study indicated that the low sodium diet can help blood vessels function really well.

The study also measured the overall impact of salt restriction on the endothelium, the thin layer of cells that precisely line the interior of the blood vessels.  The major function of endothelium is to facilitate blood flow regulation.

For those suffering from obesity with normal blood pressure, restriction of salt in diet can significantly enhance endothelial function. Those who do not cut down on salt may face a lot of problems in future. The raised blood pressure caused by eating too much salt may damage the arteries leading to the heart.

The Initial Effect

Initially, it may lead to a slight reduction in the amount of blood that reaches to the heart. This may result in a condition known as angina. Angina leads to sharp pains in the chest when being active.

The health condition does not allow heart cells to function work as well as they should. The reason is that they do not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients. However, lowering blood pressure is helpful in alleviating some of the problems and even reduces the risk of greater damage to heart.

In case, you continue to eat a lot of salt then, with the passage of time, the damage caused by the extra blood pressure may become so severe that the arteries burst. In some cases, the arteries can become completely clogged.

Clogging of arteries can result in a situation where the part of the heart that was receiving the blood no longer gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Eventually, it dies. The final result is a heart attack.

Preventing Heart Attack

The best way to prevent a heart attack is to stop the arteries from becoming damaged. You can do this via keeping the blood pressure low. Hence, the major focus should be on eating less salt.

Go low on sodium and stay healthy!


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