Save your Brain – Say NO to Excess Dieting

Dieting is a fad among most women who wish to sport a sexy body and it works! Of course, staying hungry for many days will make one lose weight. But did you know excess hunger or fad diets can make you dumb?

A new study has concluded that food cravings and psychological strains related to restricted food intake can lead to significant impact (negative) on one’s cognitive skills. These recent findings will certainly inspire a lot of weight loss programs and diet chart makers amend their strategies.

How is it possible that eating less affects mental alertness? Try this:

Call a meeting. Now order some sandwiches or samosas for the attendees. Have it with participants during the meeting. Ten minutes later you will realize you’ve processed only half of what has been said in the entire meeting. Why did this happen?

According to the researchers, the sandwiches or samosas have exceeded the your (dieter’s) mental bandwidth. This is also because it demands a lopsided concentration and self-discipline. The snack is similar to an alarming deadline or an important speech, appears to aggravate the complexity of a simple task via creating a psychological crisis. Owing to scarcity, the imaginary and actual materialization of what is required blocks mental capabilities.

Dieting makes it really hard to concentrate. In order to avoid the psychological strain and subsequent restriction of faculties, one needs to focus on a healthy, wholesome filling diet. No wonder most of the fad diets have been banned across the globe.

If you want to lose weight and keep your mental abilities intact, give up the idea of starving. You can plan a healthy diet regime under the guidance of a learned and reputed health care practitioner.

Severe diet plans such as Atkin’s and other fad diets will affect your concentration levels and memory power.



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