Shocking Side Effects of Green Cardamom!

Cardamom is one of the most popular Indian herbs. Also known as the queen of spices, it has been widely used since ancient ages. The royals used it to enhance flavour of various cuisines. Today, it is used to flavour tea, sweet meats and many cuisines across the nation. This small aromatic herb offers many health benefits when consumed rightly.

Usually, there are very few side effects of this herb. However, excess intake of the same leads to serious health consequences. Hence, it is crucial to use it in moderation to avoid side effects.

The Side Effects of Cardamom


Studies have concluded that prolonged use of cardamom in large quantities can lead to certain allergic reactions. One of the most popular of these skin allergies is ‘contact dermatitis’ a type of skin rash. This develops due to excess intake of cardamom for a long time. Some may even experience hives. Many aren’t aware of the fact that they are hypersensitive to cardamom. One may even experience a kind of respiratory problem owing to excessive consumption of cardamom.

Drug Interactions

It is important to take special care about consuming cardamom consciously when under a medicinal course. Certain drugs may interact with cardamom adversely and lead to serious health consequences. Unawareness may escalate the disorder for which you have been consuming medications.

Gallstone Complications

You may not be aware of this but excessive consumption of cardamom may lead to gallstone! Many studies conducted recently have concluded the fact that gallstone complications may occur due to consumption of cardamom. The digestive system usually fails to absorb cardamom completely. This leads to sedimentation of seeds within the body. The process eventually leads to development of gallbladder stones. Additionally, those suffering from gallstone problem already should abstain including cardamom in diet. Eating cardamom is strictly ‘no’ for the gallbladder stone patients. Excess intake of cardamom can alleviate gallstone pain. Cardamom intake also leads to infection and bleeding in gallstone patients.

Tips to Avoid the Cardamom Side Effects

You should not worry too much about the above side effects of cardamom. This is certainly a less harmful herb you can include in your daily diet confidently. However, it is always better to consume it in restricted amounts. Over consumption of cardamom will lead to a number of side effects. You should also consult your physician about consumption of cardoamom if you are under medication.



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