Simple Everyday Dental Hygiene Tips

Teeth are an important part of the body. Maintaining good hygiene and taking care of teeth will help you flaunt a dazzling style and fresh breath always.

Here are some important dental hygiene tips to follow:

No Snacks
Strictly avoid in between snacks. It is important to stick to a proper lunch, breakfast, and dinner regime. To reduce hunger pangs, have fresh fruits and salads. An apple, cucumber etc. are known to be the best options. Carrots are also a healthy option as you can munch on them to reduce unnecessary cravings.
Make sure you always rinse your mouth after meals.
Folding Toothbrush
Try and buy a folding toothbrush and travel toothpaste. Store this in your office drawer or bag. You can always brush your teeth post lunch or dinner. In case, you have a problem with keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste, rinse your mouth with water every now and then. Rinsing thoroughly will eliminate food lodged inside the mouth.
Fresh Fruits
Try and have a fresh fruit after lunch. Fibrous fruits such as an apple are a better option.
Minimize Sugar Intake
Cavities lead to a lot of pain. However, it is not possible to visit a dentist always. In emergency cases, you may go for Paracetamol on a full stomach. Strictly avoid taking the pill again until six hours later. Also follow that up with an appointment with your dentist.
Avoid eating hot food in case, you suffer from swelling. Place an icepack on your cheek in the area of the pain. Also avoid using a warm compress because it will aggravate the swelling. Many suggest using clove oil but it should be avoided as refined clove oil is not available.

Following the above mentioned dental hygiene tips regularly will help you keep your teeth, mouth and gums healthy.



Brushing your teeth at lunchtime is a great way to keep your them healthy and clean throughout the day. If you are finding it hard to reach some areas of your teeth with your brush, this may because they are crooked and require braces. You can consider behind-the-teeth braces as well as traditional options to correct this issue.

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