Simple Foolproof Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack – Keep Heart Attack at Bay

Heart is the central organ of an individual’s body. Of course, people have made it a source of emotional attachment. This is also the reason depression and emotional turmoil will affect heart. Medically, the primary duty of heart is to pumps impure blood to lungs and distributes pure blood to remaining parts of the body. As soon as heart stops functioning or develop a disease, it prevents vital body parts from receiving pure blood.

To stay happy and healthy, you must take good care of your heart. Visiting a cardiologist on a regular basis is crucial. Listed below are some foolproof home remedies to follow in order to avoid heart attack:

Regular Exercise

Exercise is important for your heart. If you want to keep heart attack at bay, it is crucial that you take good care of your body and ensure it works well. Proper and regular exercise will keep the body fit always. Exercising regularly will leave no scope for the body to accumulate unnecessary fat around heart. Excess accumulation of fat around chest or belly region will compresses diaphragm and put excess pressure on heart directly. This will make your heart pump heavily and slowly. Hence, you need to indulge in exercises on a regular basis.

No Oily Food

Food prepared with excess oil and high cholesterol will thicken and clog the arteries. Arteries tend to carry pure blood from heart and distribute it to other parts of the body. When cholesterol is formed between arteries, it will block blood which in turn puts pressure on heart and leads to heart stroke.

Obesity is a Sin

You should avoid morbid obesity. Excess weight gain will lead to enhanced risk of cardiovascular disease. So make sure you take adept healthy measures to lose weight. In case you are more than 10 kg overweight, it is best to speak to a health care practitioner and get recommendations on healthy weight reduction.

Right Diet

Diets lower in soaked weight as well as full of fruits, greens, complete grains, as well as linens are generally of a lowered risk regarding coronary disease. In addition, a newly released examine documented from the Annals regarding Inner Medication diary verified in which eating fruit and veggies, in particular eco-friendly leafy greens as well as supplement C-rich fruit and veggies, has the shielding effect next to cardiovascular system ailment.


Tobacco is not good for your heart health. Puffs of nicotine can seriously affect your heart. Cigarettes contain nicotine and many chemical agents harmful to heart.  So stop smoking as soon as possible. In case, you are a chain smoker, speak to a medical practitioner to know how to quit smoking right away without major impact on health.

Sleep Tight

You need to get plenty of sleep. This is crucial to decrease mental stress and stabilizes one’s heart rate. Avoid working late at night and steer clear of stress. Handle stress with care.

Diabetes Check

Did you keep tabs on your diabetes? Is it manageable? Diabetes can directly increase risk of heart diseases and many other related illnesses. Blood sugars lead to hardening of arteries and deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels. So make sure your blood sugar is in control. Tale lessons on managing diabetes from your doctor.

Include Fish in your Diet

Eat fish one or more times in a week. Studies have revealed that women who ate fish more than once in a week are more unlikely to get a cardiovascular disease as compared to those who ate fish merely only once a month.

Tea is Heart Healthy

Drinking tea at least twice a day will relieve you from many problems and stress. This will also have a direct impact on your heart health. So make sure you have tea at least twice a day.

Get Sexier

Having regular sexual intercourse will help you keep heart healthy. This is a physical activity that your heart will love. So why not indulge in something that is so wonderful for your coronary heart? Making love at least twice each week will keep heart attack at bay always.

Don’t Ignore Nature’s Call

This is one of the biggest mistakes most people make. Strictly avoid controlling your bowel movements. In fact, you need to attend a nature’s call whenever you feel like. Immediately rush to the loo. Controlling the urge to pass will have a bad impact on your heart.

Depression Check is Necessary

Are you depressed? Depression is a dangerous condition. It can trigger heart attacks. So you need to check whether or not you are depressed. The process is simple. Feeling lazy to do things or finding it extremely difficult to wake up in the mornings are indications that you are depressed for some reason or the other. Reach out to your physician immediately.

Blood Pressure Check

Blood pressure or hypertension is certainly a fatal condition. In case, you are getting irritated over petty things, you should get your blood pressure checked and take requisite medicines to control it. Hypertension patients should never skip their tablets.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you avoid a heart attack and stay healthy always.


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