Simple Home Remedies to Cure Low Blood Pressure

Most people are worried when they develop a health condition increases levels of their blood pressure. However, low blood pressure reading is also a cause of concern. The condition can lead to a lot of health complications. Understanding low blood pressure, causes, and various complications it causes will help you cope with this serious and sometimes fatal health condition.

What is Low Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure marking below 90 millimetres of mercury during systole and 60mm of mercury or less during diastole is determined as low blood pressure. This condition is also medically referred to as ‘hypo tension’.  Low blood pressure may also lead to vomiting sensation, dizziness, and fainting. In severe cases, low blood pressure is life threatening.

In case of low blood pressure, brain fails to get adequate supply of blood and leads to fainting.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is caused due to a number of conditions including the following listed below:

  • Heart problems
  • Dehydration
  • Endocrine problems
  • Lack of nutrients in diet
  • Loss of blood during pregnancy
  • Medications

There are many simple home remedies that you can follow to prevent and avoid symptoms of low blood pressure. Listed below are some of the most effective remedies to cure the problem:

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes to Cure Low Blood Pressure

Increase your Salt Intake

You need to include more salt or salty foods in your diet. Salt is very helpful in increasing blood pressure. You can add about half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and have it twice a day to cure low blood pressure.

Dark Coffee

The caffeine present in dark coffee will help in increasing blood pressure instantly. You can take about 1-2 dark coffee on a daily basis to avoid symptoms related to low blood pressure. This remedy can also be followed as soon as you feel any warning signs of low blood pressure.


In case, you feel dizziness due to low blood pressure, mix about 2 tablespoons of honey in a glass of water and drink it with a pinch of salt to get instant relief.

Almond Milk

This is known to be one of the most beneficial home remedies for low blood pressure. All you need to do is take almond milk as the first thing in the morning. This is one of the best ways to increase the blood pressure.

Many Small Meals in a Day

Break through the habit of having 3 large meals in a day. You must focus on having many small meals in a day. Having only 3 big meals will divert more blood to gastrointestinal tract. This will result in reduced supply of blood to the heart and eventually, the brain will suffer from dizziness. The idea is to split the same into 5-6 small meals.


This is known to be one of the best remedies for low blood pressure. You can consume it in many different ways in order to maintain blood pressure. You can consume it as a fruit or use it in salads. Pomegranate juice is also a good remedy for low blood pressure.


Having a handful of raisins is a highly beneficial remedy for low blood pressure. You can also continue a remedy for a few weeks so as to improve your blood pressure level. It is good to soak about 20- 30 raisins in water in a ceramic bowl. Eat the raisins next morning and drink the water in which the raisins were soaked.

Increase Water Intake

Dehydration may cause low blood pressure in many individuals. Hence it is crucial to increase water intake. In case, you feel your blood pressure is going down, drink about 8-10 glasses of water. It is also good to increase water intake in the form of juices. Additional fluids are quire helpful in maintaining blood pressure within the blood vessels.

Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the major triggers for low blood pressure in most individuals. Hence, it is crucial to avoid all kinds of stress. Strictly avoid working late night. Strictly avoid pessimistic way of thinking and unnecessary worry. Also have a good night’s sleep daily.

Beetroot Juice

The raw juice of beetroot is very helpful in increasing blood pressure. All you need to do is take a cup of raw beet-root juice daily. Have the juice twice in a day. The remedy should be followed for about a week to ensure immense benefits.

Holy Basil Leaves

This is an amazing herbal remedy and highly effective in curing low blood pressure. This herb has a number of medicinal properties too. All you need to do is crush about 10-15 leaves of holy basil and strain the juice. Mix this juice with one teaspoon of honey. Have this concoction early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

If you face low blood pressure symptoms constantly, it is good to practise meditation techniques and yoga at home. Take some classes of relaxation or Art of Living to learn various techniques.

NO Alcohol

Strictly avoid consumption of alcohol. This may be the reason for low blood pressure condition. Alcohol leads to dehydration of body and triggers low blood pressure even if taken in moderate quantities. Hence, it is important to avoid alcohol consumption and replace it with water intake. This will help you maintain normal blood pressure.

Slow Change of Body Positions

Sudden changes in body position can trigger dizziness in individuals with low blood pressure. Breathe deeply prior to getting out of the bed in the morning. Also sit up for 1-2 minutes prior to standing. In case, you feel symptoms of low blood pressure, put one foot on a chair and lean forward. This will enhance blood circulation to heart.

Healthy Diet

It is crucial to make necessary changes in the diet in order to control blood pressure. Your body should get all of the requisite nutrients. Lack of proper nutrients may lead to low blood pressure. Make sure you include fruits, fish, whole grains, lean chicken, and vegetables in your diet. Also restrict intake of carbohydrate rich food such as pasta, rice, bread, potato, pasta in your diet.

Mild Exercise

Research and Studies have revealed that shown mild exercises increases blood pressure in individuals with low blood pressure. Strictly avoid strenuous exercises because they can lower the blood pressure. You need to indulge in light exercises such as walking, yoga, cycling, and swimming. These are quite helpful in regulating blood pressure. Also make sure you indulge in daily exercises to maintain the blood pressure.


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