Strange Fitness Tips that Work!

There are many weird ways of staying fit. Experts and those who have actually practiced it claim to have benefitted from these tricks. Stated below are some weird yet very effective fitness tips that work:

Ice, Ice Baby!

Adding ice to your water bottle can help you extend the workout time. Yes, as per a study conducted by a researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine, it has been concluded that obese female participants who held a hand-cooling device were able to exercise for longer! This is actually due to the speed that their internal temperature raised was reduced. The women did not store as much heat and were comfortable working out for a long time.

No Shoes

Go barefoot! Going barefoot will promote better circulation, stronger bones. It will also improve poor posture. Another study conducted has proved that running barefoot led to a decrease in energy outflow by about 4 per cent. This means running barefoot can improve amount of time you actually spend running and possibly the race time period.

Say YES to Caffeine

Studies and research have found that caffeine taken just before a training session can help in burning more fat during workout. Caffeine can even decrease pain you feel in your muscles when training.

Say, Shout, Sing

Getting vocal can be very beneficial to your workouts. No wonder a popular fitness program referred to as ‘IntenSati’ focuses on making the participants shout aloud some encouraging phrases when training such as ‘I love this’, ‘I can do this’ and ‘I am strong’. People saying this alter their mental attitude towards training that which in turn makes them feel positive about their capacities.


Chocolate milk can help you recover after a workout. It will keep you from feeling fatigued. The supplement is rich in protein, calcium and antioxidants.



Till yet i have read that if you want to fit then eat healthy and nutritious food. Along with healthy diet it is important to work our regularly especially yoga as it keeps you away from diseases and flawless skin. Today I got to know new fitness tips.


really very strange! Is these tips actually works? Till today i was thinking that you should not take these things to be healthy and fit. Chocolate increases calories in your body. Can you tell me more advantage about chocolate.

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