Top Ten Ways to Ease a Migraine Attack

A migraine attack can be terrible. It tends to incapacitate one for many hours together. Undertaking day to day chores become simply impossible. Listed below are top ten found helpful in easing pain and dizziness:

Cold Shower

Cold shower on top of the head is one of the best ways to ease the throbbing pain of migraine headache. But make sure the water is not too cold as it may cause the migraine to worsen.


As soon as you recognize the onset (most constant sufferers know when they’re under the effect of deadly attack), grab a cup of coffee. Having a cup of coffee before the migraine actually occurs helps decrease the effect of the migraine. In many cases, it had even stopped the attack from occurring.

Cold Compression

Many have benefitted from cold compression on the forehead. This is quite helpful in easing the throbbing sensation one feels during migraine attack. The technique works best in a dark quiet room.

Dark Quiet Room

One of the best ways to find relief from migraine attack is to be in a dark quiet room. This helps easing the throbbing pain and dizziness. This is in fact, the only most effective way to deal with intense migraine. You need to close the eye and cover your eyelid for maximum effect.

Ice Cold Coke

Grab a bottle of ice cold coke. This will certainly help with the migraine pain right at the onset of the migraine! Make sure the drink is very cold.

Hot Shower

Since migraine attacks neck and make it stiff causing a lot of pain in the area, a hot shower on the neck help with the nauseating feeling. You can close eye while taking the shower to increase its effectiveness.


This is one of the most effective methods to get relief from migraine attack. In fact, most people find sleeping the only way to fully “cure” the migraine. Many have confessed that their migraine usually stops after a long sound sleep.

Pressure on Temple

This is a helpful technique that provides significant relief from throbbing pain and dizziness caused by migraine.


Icepacks on neck works similar to the cold compression on forehead. When under the influence of migraine attack, icepack on neck ensures quicker relief. It also helps in easing more intense migraine.


Try applying some mint oil under the nose. This will help you relax and also helps with the nauseating feeling.


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