How to Use Ginger to Cure Cancer

Do you remember your grandmother forcing you to have ginger juice with honey to cure sore throat? For decades, ginger has been used to fight off many diseases including nausea. The herb is also referred to as one of the powerful disease combating spices in the world. In fact, the spice has been widely looked upon for centuries as a natural remedy for a number of ailments. It cures cold, cough, stomach ache, and many other diseases.

Surprisingly, studies and researches have proved that use of ginger can cure cancer. Recently, researchers from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have concluded that ginger exterminates deadly cancer cells and prevents them from building up resistance to treatment for cancer.

Inflammatory Properties

Fresh ginger, also referred to as ginger root, is a potent anti-inflammatory that fights off some of the cancer cells. It is also known that ginger helps in retardation of tumour growth. Ginger infusion will also help in alleviating nausea from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Using Ginger for Curing Cancer

  1. Add grated fresh ginger to a vegetable.
  2. Stir-fry ginger and add to curries or salads.
  3. Add grated ginger to fruit salad.
  4. Prepare an infusion via slicing a 1-inch piece of ginger and steep it in boiling water for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can drink it hot or cold.
  5. You can take adequate gingerroot powder in about 4 doses in a day. The treatment option will lead to mild nausea towards the end of the first day and during the second day. By the third and final day, you will be able to bear the nausea.

The effects of ginger treatment for cancer are gently if taken appropriately and in correct dosage. If cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, ginger will help you cure it. Early diagnose means that the tumour is small and relatively in a dangerous place.

Most people depend on health care practitioners for cancer treatment. This is indeed a good choice. However, it is important to include some natural treatments at home apart from what the doctors prescribe to accelerate the impact of treatment.

At present, studies and research have proved that adding ginger to cancer treatment is similar to going through a type of chemotherapy. It is true that ginger is a natural product but acts similar to chemotherapy at high doses. It has been concluded that one can obtain brilliant results when ginger is used as chemotherapy.

Just as chemotherapy, the ginger may lead to minor hair loss. Ginger drops blood count and lead to weakness and fatigue afterward. It is not wise to underestimate the power of ginger just because it is natural. This will definitely work. In fact, many of the health care pharmacies and researchers have agreed that ginger is useful in curing and even preventing cancer.

So if you are looking forward to prevent cancer, add ginger to your daily diet.


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