What’s Affecting your Concentration? Understanding Causes of Distraction

High concentration power is certainly a boon. Everyone always wants to have a high concentration level as it helps with a lot of things in life. Right from finishing off tasks on time to enhancing performance levels at work, brilliant concentration can help you in many ways. Unfortunately, not many are blessed with this element. In fact, most people across the globe face problem concentrating.

If you are worried about your ever decreasing ability to concentrate, it is time to realize and be aware of things that cause distraction. There are many concentration killers around you.

Listed below are some of the major things that can affect the concentration level:

Concentration Killer 1: Hunger Pangs
Hunger is one of the major concentration killers, though we don’t realize it. The brain does not get adequate fuel and add to a lot of confusion and difficulties. Many health experts have termed it as the leading killer of concentration. Hence, it is crucial to provide your brain with adequate source of fuel. You can do this via not skipping breakfast, consuming foods rich in protein and avoiding simple carbohydrates.
Concentration Killer 2: Social Media
The introduction of social media sites has made life a lot more difficult. It eats up most of our time. Initially introduced for a variety of creative purposes and making it easy for people to get connected with friends, the present trend of Facebook and Twitter gas made one delay work. You never know how an hour flies once you are connected. In order to avoid getting into the social media sites at work, try and log out each time you open the page. Also look for a place that no Internet access, if possible. Also open it only through your phone. This way, you will spend less time on social media sites.
Concentration Killer 3: Mobile Communication Device
Yes, we are talking about the good old mobile phones that have got ‘smarter’ with advancement in technology. Games, music and ring tones can damage one’s concentration while at work. So put your cell phone on silent and disable fancy applications or lock them while at work.
Concentration Killer 4: Ennui and Fatigue
Boredom can make one susceptible to interference, subsequently breaking the concentration. In order to overcome this problem, take a 10-minute break within a specified period. For instance, you can take a walk out or listen to radio. Also fatigue from lack of sleep or too much activity can interfere with concentration.
Concentration Killer 5: Stress
You are bound to lose concentration when mind is occupied with too many thoughts or stress. It really makes it difficult to concentrate on a specific task performed. This is because the hormones released during stress can slow down the functioning of brain. Stress also triggers headaches and pain in back and shoulders which is again a distraction for concentration. Try practicing stress reduction methods such as meditation. This will help in focussing on job better.
Concentration Killer 6: Drugs
Some of the prescription drugs and medication used to treat depression or other drugs can interfere with concentration. If this is the case, you must immediately consult your health care practitioner.


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