Brilliant Gift Options to Impress your Guy

With the arrival of festive season, this is an amazing opportunity to impress you guy! Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentines’ Day, it is the perfect time to show how much you love your man. If you are confused buying something that will win his heart, here are some fantastic options:

Men Magazine Collection

You cannot go wrong with this! Men like to read. So get a subscription of MAD, Maxim, or any other magazine that he loves to read.

Swipe Tie

This may sound a little clichéd but a silken stylish tie is a treasure in every man’s closet. Hunt for his favourite colour and something that he would like to flaunt. The silk classic ties are a rage this season. So try and grab the best ones for him.

Mind Reading Tricks

You can buy these tricks and puzzles at online stores. Also try to invest in something that the two of you will enjoy. These kits will teach him to be a mind reader. He’ll soon master the art of reading your mind and the kind of gifts you’d like to have from him!

The Needlepoint Flask

This is something your guy would love to use. It is available in a huge variety, these days. It is perfect for delivering warm and fuzzy feelings inside and out. You can also buy a leather trim to give the flask a sheek appearance. Guys like their things to be unique.

The Hygiene Kit

Every man needs it and they love when somebody gifts it to them. So spoil your man with an all-in-one hygiene kit that will help him stay roomed and polished for the entire season.

The Leather Grips

He pampers you on a perfect winter day with his bike. The ride is memorable. So why not gift him something that makes his ride smooth, comfortable, and stylish? Buy him a pair of smart leather grips. These are stylish, comfortable, and soothing.

Cuff Links

Now you can get these in a huge variety of metals, styles, and designs. Buy something that he would like to flaunt. A quick research online for what’s the latest and coolest thing available on the market will help you make a choice.


Although, they may not admit it openly, men love to play games. So try buying him a full fledged gaming zone or a gaming gadget if your budget allows. This is something he would love to own.

Finding that one special something for your guy may be quite a challenge. Men have different priorities. Right from sports to games, gadgets, clothes, accessories, men think different. Hope the above mentioned options help you impress the special someone in your life this festive season! Good luck!


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