Helpful Tips to Buy a Bra

The tradition of wearing brassier to support and enhance the beauty of breast is ancient. Women since ancient age have been very conscious about maintaining their assets and preventing them from injuries and ailments.

With the passage of time, a lot changed in the practise. The journey started with corsets with special strings and graduated to cloth cups with elastics. The modern age bra is all that a woman would dream of. Right from availability of a huge variety of fabrics to colours, underwire variety, push up bras, heavily padded, lightly padded, etc. women are spoilt for choice these days.

Sadly despite so many choices available on the marketplace, women tend to make wrong choices. Simply because they don’t know the rules of buying a bra, they end up buying the wrong and most expensive one.

Choosing and buying a bra that perfectly fits is not a hard nut to crack. Yes, this can be a little time consuming but not impossible. Here are some instructions to help you buy the perfect one:

The Type

Before rushing into buying a bra, you need to know the type you wish to buy. A huge number of styles and types are available on the market these days. If your main aim is to get an extra boost, a padded one can make for the best choice. And if you are looking for extra support, underwire bras are a great option. For engaging in sports, gyming and athletic activities, you can go for a sports bra. Once you have decided on the type of bra to buy, it is time to move on to the next step.

Lingerie Store

Don’t buy online. It is always better to visit a specialty lingerie store that allows you to try out the stuff before buying one. It is only after you are sure about the brand, size and type of bra that buying online makes for a safe option.

Breathe Comfortably

You need to breathe comfortably in the bra you wear. In case, you are unable to breathe properly, the bra is too tight.

No Spilling Out

Strictly avoid finalizing on a bra that makes your breasts spill out from the bra cups.

No Slipping

Make sure the bra doesn’t slip off easily. If it does, try adjusting the shoulder straps a bit. And this too doesn’t work, and the bra still slips away from its place, then it is probably very loose.

Bend Over

Bend over and see if your breasts are falling out. In case they do, the bra doesn’t fit you.

Check for Pinching

It is now time to hold arms over your head. Make sure the bra doesn’t ride up or pinch.

Bra should Stay Intact

Twist left and then right to make sure the bra stays in its place.

Panel Fabric

This depends on the style of bra you choose. Make sure the fabric on the panel (amidst cups) rests firmly against the sternum.


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