How to Look Good in Photographs – Model Secrets Revealed

Women love pouting and posing in front of camera. This is one of their favourite hobbies. Some are blessed a photogenic face while others need to work on it. If you have been staring at the mirror that shows you as your gorgeous self (which you actually are) and hate the photographs that shows your monstrous side, don’t worry. Looking good in front of a camera is a trick. The state of being photogenic may or may not necessarily be related to one’s physical attractiveness in real life.

Models are usually described as photogenic. The actual bone structure of their faces may symbolize something that is not usually attractive or may be even unattractive or frail. However when photographed, their features may transform into a something that is absolutely stunning and physically attractive.

There are many reasons behind this. First, there is a huge difference between looking at someone with two eyes and through a single camera lens. The human brain can see the 3D aspects of face through two eyes.

The camera views its subject through a single lens. Hence, the 3D qualities of the face are lost.

Since most photographs usually have the subject directly looking into the camera, those with not so attractive side profiles are at an advantage.

So what is the secret behind looking good in photographs?

Here are some tips to help you shine in each photograph you get clicked:


If you are confident in front of the camera, you have won 90 per cent of the battle. Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Hence you need to practice posing in front of a mirror at home; most importantly, click as many photographs of yours as possible.

Be Proud of what You are

Most women have a habit of focussing on their negative side such as the crow’s feet, freckles, big ears, teeth etc. They don’t consider the features that make them look fabulous. The key is to be proud of what you have and what you are. Being comfortable with yourself shows on the camera too. And for those little flaws, you can always turn to Photoshop!


Did you know eyebrows play a huge role is framing a face? So if you have been planning to get yourself clicked, spend adequate time on your eyebrows.

Show the Energy

You need to show the energy in front of the camera. Any amount of disinterest and lack of confidence is magnified by the camera lens.

The Illusion

Try creating an illusion of being slim by wearing the right kind of clothes or putting one or two hands on your waist to make your legs are a little bit longer.

Concentrate on Good Things

You should focus on good things when posing for the camera rather than on being photographed. Try thinking about things that make you happy such as your favourite activity, songs, etc.



Women love pouting and posing in front of camera. This is one of their favourite hobbies. Some are blessed a photogenic face while others need to work on it.


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