Quick and Easy Mood Lifters to Perk You Up!

Mood swings are a natural phenomenon. It is an extreme or rapid change in mood. These mood swings are a positive part for an individual as it promotes problem solving capabilities and expertise for forward planning. However, strong mood swings can be very disruptive. There are many reasons for mood swings including low energy level, poor sleep patterns, low self-esteem, poor concentration, drug or alcohol abuse and unhealthy diet or life style. Hormonal imbalance can also result in mood swings.

In case, you feel the mood is in the dumps and everything around seems to get on your nerves, try these instant mood lifters. These will perk you up at no cost!

Inspirational Quotes

It really works to keep a list of inspiring quotes. Reading some of your favourites can prove to be an instant mood enhancer. It gives you instant energy.


Play your favourite music. Make sure the song you listen to a peppy song that reminds you of good days. It really works!

Do a Something Good

You need to indulge in a selfless good deed. Help someone in need, feed a stray dog, help your wife in her daily chores, clean up your closets and give away the unwanted clothes to an orphanage etc.

Call your Best Friend

Nothing can be better than talking to someone who knows you well and with whom you can be yourself.


Wear your favourite colour. According to a research, it has been proved that various colours infuse different emotions in humans. The more you see your favourite colour, the happier you will be.

Set a New Goal

This will energize and motivate you. Looking forward in life is one of the best mood enhancers.


It is no secret that exercises can lift your sagging spirits instantly. If you think your mood is playing games with you, spread your mat and gear up for a mini yoga session. Yoga helps in counteracting anxiety and depression. It also helps you sleep better.

Play a Game

This is one of the best tried and tested formulae for lifting mood. You can use a traditional board, the iPod, PS4 or Wii. A ten minute competition can really work towards getting you the best. You may even play against yourself or someone else.



Inspiring quotes are very good to perk up mood. Reading some of your favourites can prove to be an instant mood enhancer. It gives you instant energy.


write for 10 minutes about anything at all this is bothering you. Don’t think too much about what you’re writing. Just get it all on the page. No need to read it over.


See if you don’t feel more energized and refreshed when you rehydrate then drink 16 ounces of water and for sure you will feel better.

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