Quick Style Secrets for a Gorgeous New You!

The year is new and so should be your resolutions to look stylish and gorgeous always. What fun it would be to start everyday being stylish and end it like a diva! Well if this is your dream here are some real good style secrets you can follow to turn into an instant style diva:

The Wardrobe – Organise it Now

This is one of the biggest secrets of glamorous style divas. They will always organize their wardrobe. No, this is not to keep tabs on what they have to wear but to know what they don’t! Organizing the wardrobe will help you know what to buy with the coloured pair of denims you bought some time back but couldn’t wear it because you don’t have a suitable top to pair it with. Have a look at some of the things you bought in unguarded moments and shoved it at the back of your wardrobe. Know if you are still interested in wearing it. If yes, then see if you can pair it with something in your wardrobe.

Make a List of Essentials

Have you ever felt that you buy only unessential things when on a shopping spree? Well, this is because you don’t really plan before you shop. When organizing your wardrobe, it is important to take note of things lying idle and that you can pair them with something sensible. This will keep you from spending on things that you don’t really need.

Plan before You Step Out

A glamorous lady will never step out of house without planning ahead of time what to wear. So spend about 5-10 minutes preparing what to wear the next day prior to retiring to bed. This will help you step out of the house in style each day of the year.

Hand Bags and Footwear

Have a look at the handbags and footwear you have in store. Make a list of some basic colours that you don’t have and plan to buy these in future.


These are the best way to style up your overall look. You can jazz it up with a plain pair of jeans and a top. Try choosing scarves with multiple colours. But make sure you invest in an appropriate base colour such as cream, black, white, or navy.

Right Cosmetics

This is important. You should always have a bunch of right cosmetics in hand. A brush, set of sponges, powder compact, foundation, day cream, tinted lotions, sunscreen lotions, blusher, moisturizer, toner, gel liner, lipsticks, nail paints, and eye shadows.

Maintain Yourself

Pamper yourself as far as you can. Remove all traces of makeup before you sleep and apply a rich moisturizer. Go for monthly facials. These don’t have to be expensive but make sure you are regular with them.

Look Rich, Spend Less

There’s no need to spend lots of money to look good. Get a decent pair of jeans and a classic white shirt. Team with more timeless fashion classics such as a fabulous bag, heels, and a statement scarf.

So now you are ready to rock any event! Stay Gorgeous!


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