Superb Budget Friendly Ways to Uplift your Mood!

Depressed? Tired of daily mundane routine? There is no reason to hit the shops or to enjoy expensive goodies when you’re down. There many budget friendly ways to uplift your spirit. It definitely feels nice to treat yourself with an expensive spa, the dress you’ve been eyeing on, or the facial treatment you always wanted to go for. But nothing’s worth earning the guilt pang that makes you feel depressed once again!

The budget friendly tips will uplift your spirits sans any guilt:

Embrace the Nature

Have you been to the park lately? Mother Nature and its beauty can be the biggest mood lifter. And it is absolutely free to be enjoyed at any time, any place. Just sit on a bench and have a close look at the sky above, the birds that fly, the green grass, trees, and beautiful flowers. These beautiful sights will warm your skin and soul.

Creative Options

You don’t have to be arty to get a boost from the creative talents of others. Art and music are two fabulous mood lifters and even better, there are plenty of free ways to uplift your spirits with either or both of them. Free music everywhere; if not on the radio or cable, check out some of the local busking haunts. Art galleries are usually free too. They don’t have to be grandiose museum affairs. Check out your local galleries to see what inspires others and give your own spirit a nudge in the right direction.

Clear Clutter

Cleaning clutter can be therapeutic. This will give you an amazing sense of achievement. And instead of trashing it, take it along to a charity or thrift shop. You may even think of selling it on various sites such as and Your spirits will experience a high when someone will buy things from you. Sell some of the trash to those who may not afford luxuries.

Call or Meet a Friend

Spend some time with friends. Call them home for pot luck or over coffee. Pyjama parties re fun and can help you get rid of stress. A few jokes and stories, sharing old memories and creating new ones can be fun.

Share Your Talent

Are you a good writer? Do you have nice poems written by you? Have you been painting and hoarding stuff? Share these on social networking sites. The comments, likes, and accolades will uplift your mood and fill you with confidence.

Break the Routine

Take an off from office and do what you have been looking forward to for a long time. Grab your camera (or borrow it from a friend) and go on a photography hike. You may even sign up for a salsa class. You’ll feel better for doing something different for the day. Try watching a morning show. The tickets are cheaper.


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