Incredible Benefits of Cinnamon – The Super Foods of India

Cinnamon is a wonder herb used in many medicinal preparations owing to its stupendous health beneficial properties. The herb has also been enjoying a prominent position in traditional medicines, especially in the field of Ayurveda. Traditionally cinnamon was used widely for treating a variety of health disorders including arthritis, diarrhea, colds, menstrual cramps, flu, yeast infections, and even digestive problems.

These days, the herb is being used all across the globe for treating a variety of health disorders such as obesity, diabetes, respiratory problems, impurities of blood, skin infections, menstruation problems, heart disorders, and a lot more.

The bark is the most widely used part of the herb. Cinnamon is nutrient dense and thermogenic. This indicates that the herb naturally enhances your metabolism. Higher metabolism means you will burn more of the food and store less as body fat. Cinnamon is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, iron and calcium. It is also rich in fiber.

Health Benefits

Blood Purification

Cinnamon is known to be helpful in removing blood impurities. Hence, it is often recommended in some parts of the world for acne.

Brain Tonic

Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and acts as a brain tonic. It is also helpful in removing nervous tension and memory loss. Studies have suggested that the scent of cinnamon is capable of boosting brain activity. Including cinnamon in daily diet in small amounts can enhance cognitive activities such as working memory, attention processes, virtual recognition memory, and visual-motor response speed.

Accelerates Healing

Cinnamon is widely known for its properties to help stop bleeding and facilitates the healing process.

Blood Circulation

Cinnamon helps blood circulation due to the presence of a blood thinning compound in it. Blood circulation removes pain. It also ensures oxygen supply to the body cells leading to higher metabolic activity.


Cinnamon is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and possesses antiseptic properties. It is very effective on external as well as internal infections. The herb is also helpful in destroying germs in the gall bladder and bacteria in staph infections.


Cinnamon is also an anti-inflammatory and highly recommended for arthritis.


Cinnamon has amazing abilities to control blood sugar. Studies have proved that it is helpful for patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Polyphenol, a water soluble compound found abundantly in cinnamon synergistically acts with insulin to improve utilization of insulin in the body.


Strictly avoid over dosage of cinnamon as large amounts of the herb can lead to severe health problems such as respiratory problems, lung damage and scarring, burned vocal cords, and even death.


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