Understanding Men Phrases

Men will be men. Any attempts to change them will be futile. Hence, it is better to let them be. But you need to get smarter and understand what certain phrases they use actually mean. If they are smart, you’re smarter!

Men Phrase 1 – “I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment.”

Well, he means he just wants to have fun. He may be looking for a one-night stand. If he mentions this to you and you still continue, he’s sure you’re game for casual sex.

Men Phrase 2 – “My marriage is on the rocks/my wife and I are almost divorced.”

Well, he may or may not be happy with his marriage at present (that doesn’t matter though) but one thing is for sure – he does NOT have a plan to leave his wife. He may also be lying about his marriage.

Men Phrase 3 – “You’re a good/great/best friend.”

Understand that no guy would ever want to be ‘friends’ with the lady he’s truly hooked or attracted to. If he has already started talking friendship, he isn’t romantically inclined to you.

Men Phrase 4 – “The market/economy/world economy is horrible.”

Your guy isn’t too interested in showering you with gifts or going out on an expensive date with you. He doesn’t like you to waste money on shopping.

Men Phrase 5 – “Marriage is not on my mind.”

He is lying. No man would ever want to stay a bachelor for life unless he plans celibacy. So if he says he doesn’t think about marriage, he is not interested in marrying you.

Men Phrase 6 – “I love you.”

Well, if he says that with all clothes are on and without a condition, it means he really loves you. Don’t believe him when he says it to take you to bed.

Men Phrase 7 – “I’m Sorry.”

He’s truly sorry when he says so. Sometimes, he may say this just to end an argument. or he’s run out of steam and doesn’t want to argue anymore. Either way, please accept the apology and wrap up the argument. Thank you in advance.


You’re suffocating him! Give the guy a break and let him go have some fun on his own. While he’s at it, go out and do some of the things you liked to do back before you met him.


Can we still have sex sometimes?



Interesting article! it is quite difficult to understand men psychology. We should know these men phrases before dating.

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