Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 11

Baby Growth

Understand that reading to your baby at this young age, will pay off. This activity will help your baby develop an ear for the rhythm of spoken language. Make sure the reading is not monotonous. You need to vary the pitch of your voice. Try using varying accents, and sing to your baby. This will establish a beautiful connection between you and your baby.

Tip: Don’t force anything upon your baby. If he turns his head the other way or loses interest while you’re reading, stop and do something else. It is important to allow some rest to your baby. You just need to monitor your baby’s responses and act accordingly.

The Concern

Most parents feel that their baby’s head looks flat. In case, you notice that your baby has developed a flat spot on his head, don’t worry. It is a common condition referred to as positional plagiocephaly. This results due to sleeping too much in the same position. Since babies are born with a soft, pliable skull, sleeping on back can develop a flat spot where the head precisely presses against the mattress. In most cases, the flat area rounds out on its own as the baby starts crawling and sitting up. You can also ask your doctor to recommend home treatments. Giving a lot of tummy time to baby will strengthen his neck muscles and keep him from resting in the same position.

Baby Activities

  • Your baby will open their hands and will even stare at them.
  • Babies who haven’t learnt t laugh will start off by week 11.
  • The baby will hold his head steady.
  • Develops love toys that make a noise, such as rattles.
  • The baby will be able to grasp a rattle for a few seconds.
  • The baby will also do mini push ups when lying on his tummy.


The baby sleeps less and is awake for longer periods of the day.


The baby will have his own choices now. He may turn away and look at something else if something does not grab his interest. This is strange! Your little one is just 11 weeks old but got ideas of his own!


By now the baby has reduced to 5 feeds in 24 hours. He is also not demanding a feed right in the middle of the night. He will sleep longer and you can easily catch up on some of the important chores.


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