Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 12

This is a glorious moment in your child’s life. She is now ready to enter her fourth month. There are some milestones your baby must have managed to reach. Some of these include the following:

  • She’s more alert.
  • The baby has greater control of her voice.
  • She communicates through making noises.
  • She’ll chat with one syllable sounds – ‘ah’.
  • She will follow people around the room with her eyes.
  • Her hand-eye co-ordination improves.
  • She’s aware that her hands and feet are actually her own! You’ll notice that she stares at them.
  • She’s starting to understand a new concept: – ‘cause and effect’. For instance, if she knocks over a toy, she understands that she made it happen.
  • She can lift his head off the floor during her tummy time. She can even turn it side to side.
  • The best part is that your baby is alert and knows when she’s had enough milk. She will respond via arching her back or pulling away from milk.

During this time, your little one will put her hands to her mouth and taste it. You can help her experiment with her tiny hands via offering different textures. Let her feel the rubbery toy or a piece of velvet cloth. Just make sure the toys are clean!

Behaviour and Development

This is fun! Give your baby a rattle and watch her wave it and enjoy. Take care that the rattle is made of soft, child friendly material. Her grip is surprisingly strong. She can also reach and grab objects that catch her interest.

This is also the time when your baby will kick and extend her legs. Some may even learn to put their little feet to their mouth.


Some babies may still show signs of refluxing. There’s nothing to worry unless your child has a problem with that. In most cases, reflux improves with time.

Less Dirty Nappies

Your baby will have less of dirty nappies.

Eye Care

Since this is the stage your baby’s eyes experience rapid changes, make sure you protect them from bright light. Strictly avoid going out in harsh, direct sunlight as far as possible. For those breastfeeding their baby, make sure your diet is rich in green leafy vegetables, yellow vegetables and a wide range of fruits. Antioxidants present in these food items will keep your baby’s eyes protected from damage through bright light.


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