Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 13

You’ve had enough of sleepless nights. It is time to enjoy the gains now. Your little one is four months old now. He smiles at you, coos, chuckles, and even giggles. Since you’ve been practicing sweet talks to him, he now understands the meaning of your message in broken parts. He’ll soon start using these syllables via combining vowel sounds with consonants.


Your little one is at the learning stage. He makes sounds and likes to play with hands or feet. His brain is busy building vital connections.

Your baby will:

  • Discover his hands and play with them.
  • Such his hands.
  • Hold his head up while sitting.
  • Makes more and more noises.
  • Laugh out loud
  • Will start to reach for things he likes.
  • Sleep for 14-15 hours in 24 hours.
  • Get up using their arms. They will try out this activity while lying on their tummies.

Fun Filled Activities

  • Your little one loves to try out varied sounds.
  • His legs allow a bit of weight and he enjoys that.
  • He will reply to you by making different sounds.
  • The baby will use his eyes to follow moving objects.
  • Grab objects close by. This is a fun activity which he thoroughly enjoys.
  • He will enjoy shrieking and laughing with amusement.

The above mentioned are some of the milestones most babies reach when they are in their fourth month. However, there’s nothing to worry if you see your baby not reaching some of them. Each baby is different. Some take time and grow at their own pace. Enjoy these stages and allow your child to grow with ease. In case, you find something wrong, it is wise to consult your doctor. He is the right person to help you.

Tips for Parents

Try repeating names of people or things that your baby is interested in. Repetition allows your baby to learn fast.

It is important to help your baby move around. You can do this via putting him on the ground over a blanket. Teach your baby how they can sit up. Experts usually recommended buying brightly coloured toys for babies. This helps them have a look at these toys and grab them.

Consult the paediatrician about the second vaccination requirements. Remember it is crucial to give second set of vaccines on time.


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