Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 14

By fourteenth week, your baby will start playing with her hands and feet for a few minutes at a time. Babies love to repeat one action over and over again. You will be surprised to see the baby amusing herself in a quiet bedroom. This is your little one who needed your attention the moment she woke up. Most babies love to play in the crib on their own.

Since your little angel is already 4-month-old now, her development is rapid. She will like to experiment new things and see the results.

The fourteen month old babies are easily comforted by gentle, rhythmic motion at this phase of their life. You can try rocking, or swinging the baby. One of the best ways is to practice distraction. Sing a song, show a colourful toy, do a silly stunt, create funny sounds and expressions, etc.

Baby loves to cuddle and snuggle. Also take care to give skin-to-skin contact. This will comfort her and make her feel relaxed. The baby becomes sensitive to texture and enjoys all kinds of toys — soft, fuzzy, hard, rubbery, etc.

Your baby is also learning to put things together and grab objects. Hence, you need to take care and keep things away from her especially those with choking hazard.

This is the time to do the following:

– Stay calm

– Keep baby covered

– Connect with moms in your locality

General Safety Tips

This is the stage when your baby will starts crawling. Here are some precautions you need to take in this regard:

  • Put medicines out of reach
  • Make sure you lock all cabinets containing cleaning products
  • Put together a first aid kit
  • Put non-slip pads under your rugs
  • Cover sockets with plastic plugs
  • Trailing electrical cords should be managed well otherwise your baby could get caught in
  • Buy safety gates for the tops and bottoms of your stairs.


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