Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 4

The baby is almost a month old now. The little one is getting stronger each day. Hearing sense of the baby has fully developed. Your baby has also started indulging in mini talks. She coos, grunts, gurgles, and hums to express her feelings. The baby is now engaging in eye contact more frequently.

Moving Out

It is better to avoid taking baby out for the first few months very frequently. There is a greater risk of catching a cold, RSV, or even the flu the more often they travel outside of the home.

Lifts Head

Some babies can lift up their heads almost 45 degrees. This is a way she strengthens her muscles while she tries to lift her head off the floor.


The baby now enjoys kicking her legs in the air. This is a fun activity for both parents and children. However, it is important to avoid leaving her alone on an edgy surface. The baby may suffer from a fall.

Cries and Cries

The baby will cry a lot now and more frequently. It is a way she communicates with you. She’ll cry if she’s hungry, wet, wants you, is bored, tired, uncomfortable, or doesn’t feel good! You need to figure out what she wants to tell you.


You may notice small spills or posits of milk after you have fed the baby. Don’t worry. This is normal. Understand that the valve at the top of a newborn’s stomach is often a little relaxed. Milk regurgitates back up the oesophagus. So, get into the habit of keeping a hand towel close to mop up spills. In case, your baby fails to gain weight, speak to your doctor.


Some babies have a tendency to moist or sticky eyes at around 4 weeks. Discharge is common from one or both eyes. You can clean the eyes from the inside corner to the outside with warm, fresh tap water. To rule out the signs of a bacterial infection, you may call the doctor.


Babies are prone to catch infections. Hence, it is crucial to keep your baby from getting your cold or any germs and infections. You can do this by washing your hands prior to touching him/her. Make sure your other family members do the same, especially siblings.


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