Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 5

Baby Growth

You will notice the first smile of your baby this time around. Get ready to capture this priceless moment in a camera. You will go crazy about the cute toothless grin of your little ones. This will melt your heart even if you had a really bad day.

So try engaging her in play or give her a smile of your own. Your baby will smile back. The little baby will respond to different sounds.

Stronger Head

The baby’s neck muscles are getting stronger. This helps him hold his head up for short periods. Your baby can support head for a few moments while lying on his stomach. He will even turn it from side to side.

The Diet

You may feel that your baby isn’t eating well. However, every baby is different and there is no rule about how much your baby should be eating on every day. You need to give about 8-12 breast feedings in a 24-hour period. Formula-feeding moms should schedule at least 5 to 7 feedings for the entire day. This comes out to a total of 24 to 32 ounces of formula.


Once your baby regains birth weight, he will steadily gain about one-half ounce to one ounce each day.


The baby will soak at least six diapers in a day. He will have 2-3 soft bowel movements each day. If this is the fact, he is probably eating enough.

Cradle Crap

It is common for babies to develop “cradle cap” by their fifth week. These white or yellow-orange flakes, which appear on their head, may look a lot like adult dandruff. Make sure you don’t shampoo it away. Shampooing daily will dry out his little scalp. Keep his head cool and dry.

Baby Growth

Keep a watch at your baby’s growth. A healthy infant will gain about 1 ½ to 2 pounds per month.

Keep tabs on your baby’s growth and speak to the pediatrist regarding any concern. It’s also crucial to remember and follow all of the general guidelines offered to you by the doctor. In case, you have any fears that your baby isn’t growing, or growing too slowly, speak to your paediatrician without wasting time.

Strictly avoid skipping any of the appointments scheduled by your doctor. This is crucial for your baby’s growth and development.



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