Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 6

Week 6 is yet another significant milestone for your baby. He is developing and touching new milestones. You would certainly see some changes in your little one this week. Here’s what you can expect:

Music Appreciation

This is the time your baby’s awake for longer periods during the day and you can see his sensory development. Why not sing your favourite lullabies or playing music? Yes, your little one will respond. Just watch as your baby expresses his pleasure through leg and hand movements, coos, and lip smacks. The sound of wind chimes or a ticking clock will make your baby smile. So try offering different things to your baby. In fact, the baby will start developing preferences.


The baby is not ready to speak yet but his face is sure telling you a lot. He gives different expressions that you can see. You will see your little one pursing his lips, raising his eyebrows, furrowing brow, and squinting his eyes. These expressions mean that your baby is trying to tell you something. You just need to explore.

The Colicky Baby

This is a common problem most parents face. Some babies are really difficult to handle. There will be times when your little one will have trouble with colic. This will make him cry and feel miserable. The precise cause of this problem is not known. For ages, people have been under notion that this serious discomfort is caused due to stomach issues. Some also feel that colicky babies are often gassy and fussy during or after feedings. However, there is no connection between intestinal issues and colic occurrence.

Understand your Baby

Most parents forget that their baby is an individual. They compare their babies with other babies. It is important to remember that all babies are unique and meet milestones at their own pace. The standard developmental guidelines simply show a baby’s potential to accomplish various goals. In case, your baby hasn’t been meeting the targets, he’ll soon do it. Don’t lose your sleep over a few inches, centimetres, and pounds. In case, your baby was premature, he will need more time to meet his milestones.

In case, you have any doubts or questions about your baby’s development, contact an experienced healthcare provider or Doctor.



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