Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 7

The brain is expanding in size and complexity. Did you know, your baby’s brain grows about 5 centimeters during the first three months? This is also the prime time for learning. Use this time to speak to the baby, sing to him, describe pictures on the walls etc. Expose the baby to new textures for her hands to feel. Also expose him to new sights and sounds.

The Hands

The hands of your baby are mostly open. They are ready to reach out to the world. At this point of time, he isn’t capable of grabbing objects but can hold things placed in his little hands. And, once his hands have wrapped something, they may not let go so easily. So make sure you keep dangerous things out of sight.

Learning Stage

This is the learning stage for your baby. Try to show him pictures, expose him to sounds, actions and nature. It is important to get the baby acquainted with various new things in life. You need to teach him about new textures and sights.


Smaller babies may not know a thing about toys. But week seven is different. Your baby’s eyes can follow things consistently. He baby can track a moving object much better. Since the stores near you are packed with a number of developmental toys, you can take a look at little harmless developmental toys available for kids. A rattle or a bright plastic ladle will help attract baby’s attention.

Milestones to look forward this week:

  • The baby can lift his head while lying on his stomach.
  • Eyes may focus on your face.
  • Eyes follow an object moved about six inches above his face.
  • The baby is attracted to bold shapes and patterns; mostly black and white.
  • He will recognize your voice and will respond to it by either becoming quieter or making more noise.
  • He likes sound of music.
  • He will sleep during the day. The average sleep is for 15-18 hours of sleep per day.
  • The baby will start recognizing mealtime.




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