Baby Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 9

Most parents can hear the first laugh of their baby during this period. Babies usually squeal or giggle if you give them a quick tickle. But if your little one isn’t laughing yet, don’t get depressed. Many infants may even share a giggle towards the end of their third month.


It is important to pay special attention to provide safe and sound sleep to your baby. Here are some important tips to help you I this regard:

  • Make sure your infant is sleeping in a safe, comfortable space.
  • The baby should be lying on her back with adequate clothing to keep her warm.
  • Strictly avoid dangerous objects nearby such as toys, pillows, or thick bumper pads. These may mold to the shape of baby’s face and impair her breathing.
  • Follow a strict ritual at bedtime. For instance, you may give her a warm bath and then feed her. Also rock, sing, or read to the baby.

Following these tips will help you rock your baby to sleep each day, comfortably.

Your Baby

Babies of this age show a lot of changes. Here are some of the typical activities your baby will indulge in when he’s 9 weeks old:

  • The baby will gain weight and have chubbier thighs!
  • The baby is more attracted to faces than other images.
  • The baby will smile a lot.
  • It is natural for the baby to turn t sounds and follow objects.
  • When you pull up your baby gently by the hands, it will be able to hold their head at the level of their body.
  • The average grow of the baby is 2.5 cm (1 inch) each month

By the time your baby is 9 week old, her interest in music will be apparent. Sounds fascinate her. Try using high tones and pitches and she will be delighted. Your baby will also be interested in hearing you talk. She will stare intently at your mouth when you speak to her. Some babies even try to reply with cooing.

This is also the right time to start reading to your baby. Her brain will catch things fast. Studies show that talking and singing to babies will enhance their IQs and help them build larger vocabularies. As far as her diet is concerned, the baby will need about six feeds, every three to four hours. Most babies stay awake for around 1.5 hours after a feed during the day before they are ready to take another nap.


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