Baby Teething – Signs your Baby is into Teething Process

The teething process for a baby brings in a lot of discomfort. This is an unavoidable phase of your little one’s life. Here are some signs and symptoms indicating your baby started off his journey to the teething path:


You’ll be surprised to see a lot of fluid coming from the mouth of the tiny baby. However, teething stimulates drooling. The water will start dripping from the baby’s mouth from three or four months of age.


The drool from your baby’s mouth will lead to skin rash or chapping around her mouth and on her chin. This is due to the skin’s constant contact with saliva. Make sure you pat away the drool to prevent the rash. In case, it has already developed, moisturize it using gentle skin cream.


The drool may also lead to a lot of gag and cough for the baby. This is common and harmful. However, you need to call the doctor if your baby shows signs of cold, flu, or allergies.


The pressure coming from teeth poking through under the gums leads to discomfort. The baby tries to get relief via counter-pressure or biting. Teething babies will try and gum whatever they can find. Make sure you don’t let them as this causes stomach infection. Keep some clean, safe teething rings and soft rattles handy.


The inflammation of tender gum tissue also causes terrible pain to some babies. The first teeth usually hurt the most. Don’t worry, your baby will get used to what teething feels like soon.


The mouth aches with tooth pressing on the gums and poking up to the surface. This will make the baby get irritable for a few hours or even for some days. Try to keep the baby happy by offering her cool teethers and toys.

No Feed

Most uncomfortable, cranky babies would refuse to feed on bottles or nipples as the suction of nursing may make a teething baby’s sore gums feel worse. In case, your baby fusses about feedings and is already six months old, introduce solid foods. If nothing works, call the doctor.


Teething babies have bouts of loose poops. Although this is not because of teething, it occurs because of baby’s tendency to gum everything it reaches out to. Make sure the toys and teething rings are cleaned regularly. Also, report diarrhoea to the doctor.


Inflamed gums can result in low-grade fever. Seek doctor’s help for relief.

Ear pulling

Teething babies usually tug furiously at their ear. They even rub their cheek or chin. This is because gums, ears, and cheeks share nerve pathways. Hence, the pain in the gums can travel elsewhere. The doctor may prescribe some painkiller if the condition gets worse.


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