Buying Formula Food for Baby

For those formula-feeding their babies should take certain factors into consideration. One of the most important ones is choosing the best formula food for babies. When going for packaged or readymade foods available in the market, keep the following tips in mind:

The Seal

First, you need to check the seal. Do not buy a tampered, swollen packet.

The Dates

Before buying the packet, it is important to check the manufacturing, best before and expiry date mentioned on the package. Buying products that have exceeded expiry date can be dangerous for the baby.

The Label

Read the food labels properly before buying baby cereal. Watch out for contents such as carbohydrates, fats, trans fats, protein, etc. Also watch out for food colouring, additives and artificial flavouring.

Look for Suspected Elements

Strictly avoid buying foods in leaking, bloated, cracked, or opened jars. The food can be contaminated.

Reputed Sellers

Make sure you buy baby formula and cereals from a highly reputed, well-known, and well stocked shop. Also ask for a printed bill after each purchase.


Before deciding on a specific baby cereal and formula brand, it is important to speak to a doctor. The paediatrician is the best person to recommend food for your baby. He will also instruct you on the contents of the formula food that’s right for the baby.


Baby cereals available on the market may be high on sugar and salt. If you have a concern, all of the ingredients are listed on containers. You should look for brands that use as few ingredients as possible.


The price tag for organic baby food may be higher but these are free of pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics etc. Consult your baby’s doctor to know about the best brands.

Commercial Baby Food

If organic food is out of your reach, buy commercial products that don’t contain fillers or other additives. Also avoid product with ingredient list such as corn, sugar, corn syrup, thickeners and various other unrecognizable additives.

Dairy and Meat

Check the baby food for any dairy, egg, wheat or other ingredients that you haven’t introduced to the baby.

The Stages

Understand that commercial baby food is divided into a number of stages. These stages are categorized according to the age of the baby. You need to choose the right one.


Follow the instructions given on the package when preparing baby formula.


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